detox procedures need drainage remedies

Love to detox, right?

We hope so.

Detox plays such an important role in your wellness. However, a detox becomes useless if you don’t get the toxins out of the body.

This might be the “well, duh” moment you’re dying to contribute, but you’d be surprised how often people don’t do this properly. We see people stir all the gunk up in their systems and then forget to flush it out fully.

Not good. That’s a way to get really sick.

In the articles we have on detox, we usually mention remedies that help with you feeling good while getting rid of the bad stuff. We thought it might be a good idea to explore some of these remedies in the post so that they can become familiar to you.

But first, some basic truth.

Any technique for detoxification requires that you:

  • open the drains in the body,
  • pry the toxin loose from wherever it is hiding,
  • then move it to the open drain so it can exit the body.

During this process when the toxins are moving around, you can feel, well, toxic. The drainage and detox remedies act to bind the toxins so that they move out of the body without your feeling bad.

What does it mean to feel ‘toxic’? You may feel achy, have a bit of a headache or brain fog, feel fatigued, mildly nauseous, irritable and your joints may ache. Some people describe it as feeling like you have a mild cold, but you know it’s not a cold.

The basic dosing instructions generally ask you to take a dose of whichever remedy you’re using before and after a detoxification procedure. For example, take a dose before and after a detoxifying bath, a far infrared sauna, a scar therapy procedure, a LED or photon detox procedure, a session with Rife frequencies, etc.

(Wondering what all those intriguing sounding detoxes involve? Don’t worry – we will cover them soon if not already)

If you are in a course of treatment where you expect things to be stirred up for some time, then use those remedies on a regular basis, for example 2 to 4 times per day. Use more often if needed.

The simple act of cleaning up your diet can initiate a detoxification process, so use these remedies freely when starting a better diet and you feel bad. Also as you lose weight, especially from loss of fat, you may feel toxic and need these remedies.

Remember, if you feel toxic with some of these detox procedures, it’s because of what the therapy is doing and not because of the therapy itself. For example, when you use oral chelation to detoxify from heavy metals, and you feel toxic, it’s the metals being mobilized that cause the ill feelings, not the chelators.

If you are doing the dosing we’ve recommended and still feel bad, try using more. Yes, that’s right. More. If using more helps you feel better, then keep using more.

One method we like is called a ‘Paired Dosing’ protocol. A paired dose is when you take the prescribed dose, then repeat that dose 10 minutes later. Wait about 2-3 hours, and repeat the paired dose again. Therefore, anytime you feel bad, consider increasing the drainage remedy you are using to at least 7-8 paired doses per day.

Some of the remedies we use regularly include:

  • Burber, Parsley and Pinella Detox Remedies from Nutramedix
  • A remedy called ‘Drainage’ from BioActive Nutrition. Also from this company we use the products Lymph I, II or III, Viscumforce, Scrofulaforce and Hepatotox.
  • The ‘Comprehensive Detox Kit’ from Deseret Biologicals. This remedy is actually six remedies. You use 15-30 drops of each bottle into a quart of water, then sip on the water through the day. Use an additional quart if needed.
  • King Chlorella from Allergy Research Group, or other chlorella products.
  • Prophyrazyme from BioActive Nutrition as a remedy to clear the gut for people who do not tolerate chlorella.
  • Vitamin B2, 50-100 mg per day.
  • There are others. Just remember that when you are feeling bad, you want to have in your hands the remedy you need. Consult with your clinician for the dosing appropriate for you for the remedies above.

Your body and the detox it goes through is unique to you. We each build up toxins in different ways. So adjusting these remedies as your body detoxes makes for a more dynamic process to occur.

Also, remember that one of the best things you can do is drink water. Keeping fluids moving through you helps with the flushing process as well. Don’t like drinking water? Tough! You need it to survive. And especially to detox. Let it flow through you.

More to come on this whole subject. In the meantime, leave a comment and tell us your experiences.

To Your Health!

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