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Dead sea salt soak with sodium bicarb

Welcome to the healing power of mineral baths!

From the healing center at Kos in ancient Greece (that was home to Hippocrates and his student Asclepius), to the French baths at Lourdes, mineral baths for centuries found advocates supporting their healing effects and properties.

We like them because they are easy to do and require you to do something very important – relax!! What better excuse than you have to soak in the tub to maintain your wellness.

Oh darn!

If you have any type of bathtub, you can put together a simple but effective mineral bath at home.

You can use many types of mineral soak:

  • Minerals from the Dead Sea are available online for as little as $2 – $3 a pound.
  • Dead Sea minerals with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate): This a favorite of ours. Use one cup of each.
  • Epsom minerals (magnesium sulfate): Be careful with these. Many people are toxic with other chemical sulfates and if this describes you please stay away from Epsom. When in doubt ask your health practitioner.

Basic Instructions:

  • Soak for about 15-20 minutes at a minimum. This gives enough time for the minerals to work and your pores to really open up. Water temperature should be hot but not uncomfortably so.
  • Remember that the purpose of such a bath is to PULL toxins out of you, so the water will be toxic at the end. Don’t share this type of bath!
  • Sometimes even a simple bath like this can stir things up to the point where you feel bad – almost toxic.
  • If this happens use the Nutramedix draining remedies like Burbur or Parsley or the product called “Drainage” from Bioactive Nutrition. Also drainage remedies from a company called Deseret Biologicals work well. Ask your health practitioner for further suggestions, and see the article Drainage and Detox Remedies.

For best results, do these baths several times per week, especially if you are dealing with any sort of medical issue.

Once again how great to have so many options available to us in regards to detox and wellness. Here at Organic MD we work to find a variety of options for you. Life can be busy and finding time to do any kind of detox often proves challenging. Luckily many of the detox remedies you find here at our site base themselves on simple and easy techniques.

We hope you agree and we look forward to hearing your successes!

To your health.

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