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Our ancestors knew how to care for themselves, their families and their communities. 

But the wisdom of our Grandmothers is fading.
At OrganicMD.com, we are working to keep it alive.

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When you tell a health professional that you are going to listen to the wisdom of your own body, and the messages it gives you, you might be accused of being foolish.


Because “The Doctor Knows Best” is a message we hear every day. Doctors are one of the many tools we can rely on, but they should not be the only one.

At Organic MD we have a great deal of respect for modern medical science. We also have a great deal of respect for the wisdom of our grandmothers. It is after all the wisdom that helped us to survive for millennia, right alongside science. At OrganicMD we combine our grandmothers' wisdom with the science of today.

We want to help remove the ties that bind you to what the medical system THINKS you should do. Just because it is always done a certain way does not mean it is the BEST way for you.

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  • Are you looking for information on the best ways to improve health that will prevent disease? Join us.
  • You hear about “Anti-Aging” medicine, and you want to know more? Join us.
  • Are you interested in how to take care of common injuries and ailments? Join us.
  • Are you interested in understanding how to evaluate a health challenge as truly serious? Then definitely join us!

We have lots of information about common sense self-treatment. We help make it clear which symptoms and signs tell you that you need the help of a skilled doctor immediately. Knowing when to rush to the emergency room and when to do some simple things at home using your own are skills is something that you can learn. We help you build up your toolbox so you have the resources you need.

That's our goal at OrganicMD. We want to renew that connection to the knowledge you already hold, give you additional knowledge you need to make the best health decisions, AND help you access modern medical resources when they are needed. We want you to understand what is best for YOU, not what is best for your doctor or insurance plan. 

Every single week, we will offer a post or podcast, and each month there is a newsletter that gives you information and ideas about how to think critically—a mental framework to help you take control of your own health.

That's the goal.

As a subscriber you also have access to our growing library of articles, podcasts, videos, eBooks and classes. We want to provide you with as many resources that give you freedom. Personal, medical, and philosophical freedom—for your health.

Health Care vs. Disease Care

Let's Be Honest

Our current health care system is not generally about health. Or caring. The system is perfectly content to let you get sick, and then scramble to deal with the illness. What we see is that many illnesses are unnecessary, and that the path to true health care is usually an easy one, if you know how to follow it.

What happens in our body is not random or chaotic. There is a certain intelligence behind the body and the body's functions. Part of our work here is to help you connect to this intelligence. When you see that there are certain patterns and laws that govern the development of the body, and its repair and healing, you begin to see the logic that can be followed to maintain and restore health.

Even the complex relationship between the mind and the body is orderly and understandable. The path we live between birth and death is as guided and controlled as are the seasons, even if the events of our days take on an infinite number of patterns.

Your Body is Pretty Darn Smart

Consider the fact that you are alive. The human body is complex and thankfully mostly runs without the need for attention from your mind and conscience will. Your body has a tremendous intelligence that keeps it running and that same intelligence is there to restore order and repair things. But our choices can also hinder that process, and so understanding the best ways to support our natural intelligence is essential.

This bodily intelligence is causing every cell and organ to work in unity and cooperation directing the warm and living power that animates your body. The actions we take, like attending to diet and stress, has a profound effect. Rather than surrender the control of your health, reclaim it. Be the ancestor who knows how to care for things by remembering the long line of ancestors behind you, who knew how to care for themselves, their families and their communities.

At Organic MD, we want to help you remember.
Interested? Then join us.

A Very Brief History of Human Beings

Ancient Physician
The beginning

A long time ago several things came together that affected the development of human culture. The Discovery of Fire, the development of human longevity -  resulting in multiple generations being alive at the same time, and our use of tools and plentiful resources. All the things that allowed human beings to dominate the world and allowed some control over our health and wellbeing.

It may seem overly simple, but these things aided in our ability to grow and thrive and innovate. And we have evidence as well of how these things gave us the means to care for our health. Curious? Just read about:

  • Hippocrates and Asclepius at the Healing Center in Kos.
  • Egyptian records detailing their health technologies.
  • The Bible and other ancient texts and the healing described therein.
  • The Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, a fascinating work by Julian Jaynes.

In ancient times, trauma and infection could lead to an early death. However the earliest fossil record shows another truth. It shows that for thousands of years, homo sapiens had longevity, living to 80, 90, 100 years. Human beings are clever, and when you have multiple generations alive at the same time, information on how to deal with health challenges gets passed on, and culture develops. The passing down of well tested skills and methods can truly be a life saver.

Medical Revolution as Energetic shift
the structure of healthcare revolutions

Longevity is our birthright, but increased population and the industrial revolution resulted in the reduction of our longevity.

Moving people off farms separated them from healthy food and healthy lifestyles. In addition, the poverty generated within that industrial society has had its own health issues, with varied access to healthy food and resources. The introduction of long-living (“forever chemicals”) toxins from industry have affected every living thing on the planet. Add to this the pollution of the surface of the earth with toxic heavy metals that for most of the history of life on Earth were buried and hidden. The wheels of industry churned those chemicals up and introduced them to our bodies. Now it is rare for someone to not find traces of industrial chemicals in their bodies.

Today, our elders are often ignored and marginalized. In our modern culture we have come to see nature as something to be controlled and managed, a resource we have a one-way relationship with. We need to be reminded of the wisdom that our Grandmothers had. They knew how to live in harmony with the Earth and its natural laws, and to live in harmony with each other.

Deep down, we know these things too.

pharMacolgy to the rescue?

If a pharmacy on every corner were needed for survival, none of us would be here today.

Of course pharmaceuticals have had profound impact. We point to the development of antibiotics as an example of modern medicine that has benefitted us. Yet its creator, Louis Pasteur, while alive engaged in the lively debate about the role of the germ, versus the role of the host (the terrain) in the causality of infection. Prevention is as important in our ability to deal with infectious disease as it is in the rest of health care. Basic sanitation has done far more to support human health in our modern world than the use of antibiotics.

Development of pharmacology, and the rise of the slick and relentless marketing that the drug industry has mastered is of great concern to us. How do we understand the lure of the quick fix, and how do we navigate to the truth of the matter? This is what we commit ourselves to at Organic MD.

We speak from experience when we say that the practice of medicine has devolved into a practice centered almost solely on the use of pharmaceutical drugs. For many conditions, there are safer therapies that are likely to work, but you are unlikely to hear about them from your personal physician. We want to help you navigate this world of medicine, so that you can truly find what heals you.  

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Some Disadvantages to Taking Control of Your Own Health

It is harder for us to take care of ourselves in these times. People are so wrapped up in their electronic technology that they never bother to look around and see what's missing. Because people have their faces glued to a device, they miss what is obvious.

We’re optimistic and not likely to dwell on gloom and doom, but if we keep our heads stuffed in the “cloud” we are going to miss the building falling down around us. You need a new level of self-awareness and better information. Not sure we can save the building of medicine that exists today but you do need to get out of the way before it collapses. When the system of medicine breaks down your best strategy is to cut the complexity. Avoid the chatter of people who are basically making a lot of noise because they want to sell you something and start using some common sense.

Our goal is to ultimately create a textbook for self-care that will help you prevent disease, and deal with any health challenges you already have. We’re not going to drop a thousand techniques on you. Instead, were going to give you complete mastery of a very small number of simple principles. The only way to achieve the health you truly desire is to remove yourself from the complexity and shut off the information overload. Everyone else will drown but you will stay afloat

Two Graphs That Say All You Need to Know About US Healthcare

The United States spends approximately twice as much as other high-income countries on medical care. Yet in the end people in the US were 4 times as sick.
More money for less health.

And, Americans die earlier than their European counterparts at every age and income level.
see:  JAMA March 13, 2018 Volume 319, Number 10

Note: Health care spending as a percent of GDP. Performance scores are based on standard deviation calculated from the 10-country average that excludes the US.  
Data: Spending data are from OECD for the year 2019 (updated in July 2021).
Source: Eric C. Schneider et al., Mirror, Mirror 2021 — Reflecting Poorly: Health Care in the U.S. Compared to Other High-Income Countries (Commonwealth Fund, Aug. 2021).

Who Needs a Subscription to The Organic Answer?

1. People who want basic information about how to care for their own health and healing

  • Organic MD is for people wanting basic information on how to keep themselves healthy using simple techniques that our grandmothers used. Make no mistake: our ancestors were very good at caring for themselves, their families and their communities. If they weren't none of us would be here. Human culture advanced because multiple generations were alive at the same time. At least this is what the anthropologists believe. The information that one generation figured out was not lost with that generation.
  • But we stepped away from these effective and simple things passed down to us from our ancestors and we’ve handed over responsibility for our healthcare to a system that does not really care about our health. Now it seems that for every problem we have a drug that will help, not noticing that the drugs are dangerous in and of themselves. We fail to see the simpler solutions that exist for many of our problems. Doctors are no longer taught these things in school. So when you see a doctor and they hand you a pill, they are often giving you the riskiest and most expensive solution as their first offering. You need to learn about the alternatives because you're not going to hear about them from most conventional doctors.
  • 2. People with health challenges not well treated with medications and surgery

  • Got problems that are not well treated with prescription medicines and surgery? Unfortunately, those problems are becoming increasingly common. Doctors have been talking about the epidemic of autoimmune disease for almost 20 years. Yes, there are many new drugs coming out to help treat these problems. You can't watch TV these days without seeing dozens of ads for these new drugs. I will tell you that these drugs, even though they are effective at relieving symptoms also are quite corrosive and many people find that they cannot take these drugs for the rest of their lives. They work for a while but ultimately you need to find a better solution. We talk about this more in our discussions of autoimmune disease.
  • 3. People with any autoimmune conditions and those with chronic infections such as chronic Lyme, chronic EBV, ME/CFS, etc.

  • This program is for you if you have a post viral syndrome. Do you have a diagnosis of CFS, fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme, chronic EBV, chronic CMV, chronic herpes or even post-COVID syndrome? All of these issues share similar aspects. You get sick, you don't get better and slowly the chronic symptoms drag your life down.
  • Month after month you do what your doctors says and nothing changes. Or, your doctors get so frustrated that they start to tell you that you're not sick or just crazy. We have heard this story thousands of times. Talk to anyone who's been through it. Even doctors who get these illnesses find they are treated the same. They know they're sick. They know that this is not something psychological.
  • Ask yourself, how is it that some people get Lyme or COVID or any other infection and get over it, while other people end up chronically ill. The problem has as much to do with the host as it does with the infectious agent. This site is all about making you (the host) stronger, healthier and better able to resolve chronic illness.
  • At Organic MD we can provide safe, proven methods to undo these types of issues and rebuild your confidence in your health and spirit. Not every solution is easy, but we know they are effective.
  • 4. “Long-Haulers” with chronic health challenges after infection with the COVID virus

    • If you have any sort of autoimmune condition, or debilitating chronic illness then OrganicMD.com will have answers that you need. The immune system is complex and the disorders of the immune system are many and varied. Autoimmune conditions are themselves an epidemic. We have reached a point where almost any symptom that a person has could be due to an autoimmune condition.
    • Many aspects of Long-haul COVID, chronic Lyme Disease and other post-viral syndromes are now believed to be types of auto-immune reactions.
    • We will walk you through the steps of how to back yourself out of an autoimmune condition without drugs, since often those drugs put you at risk for severe infections and even cancer if used for a prolonged period.

    5. Anyone with any aspect of the Metabolic Syndrome

  • You need this program if you have If you have any aspect of the Metabolic Syndrome. This includes the usual suspects like diabetes and pre-diabetes, hypertension, central weight gain, cardiovascular disease and even glaucoma. We know that pre-diabetes and even diabetes can be eliminated with a diet that is right for your metabolic type. Join us to find out more.
  • 6. Those interested in serious nutrition, including how to grow your own food, how to harvest and Forage Sustainably and how to preserve foods

    • This program is for people who are worried about how they will take care of their health should the structure of society fall apart. As we have seen, we are more vulnerable that we thought and even the internet is not something we can always rely on. We want to create a resource that can support you regardless of those systems. A resource that provides basic information about health and sustainability. Something like a book! With information culled from decades of experience and practical application. (Book coming soon)
    • Our plan at organic MD is to not only provide safe and reliable health information, but also help you build skills around growing your own food, harvesting and preserving. Some of the best practices for wellness are connected to eating healthy food grown locally. This includes knowing how to harvest things from the wild that are safe, using techniques that are sustainable.
    • Even more important is learning how to take those items and preserve them, so you can create a backup supply of what you need the most. We all see what happens when the supply chain is disrupted. Our resources support you in creating your own supply chain, so you can adapt to whatever comes. 

    7. Those who value their own health and Want skills to care for their wellness

  • By subscribing to The Organic Answer Newsletter you become part of a community learning to understand how to take an active role in their wellness. We have a great deal of information to share, and we will also rely on you to tell us what you need. In the end our goal is to give you tools to navigate your health wisely, able to understand what is useful for your health, mind and soul. Ultimately you have to understand the best path for you, but we will make sure you have the best resources to make those choices. If you are someone who values that kind of knowledge,
    Then please join us.
  • We’ll offer just one example here. Search for “Testimonials” for others on this site.

    We work a lot with chronic eye disease. Reverse someone's vision loss, and help them keep their driver's license and they have a lot of gratitude. So, a lot of our testimonials are from people we have helped with eye problems.

    The following is from the father of a boy with Stargardt disease that we worked with. Stargardt is an hereditary degenerative eye disease, the juvenile version of the more common macular degeneration that affects older adults. It is considered untreatable by the ophthalmologists.


    “I was planning to write after we had official eye test results on my son, David, but I find that I can no longer contain myself and wanted to express my appreciation to you and your staff….
    Two and a half months after beginning (the treatment you recommended) David claims that he can see better than at the last visit to his eye doctor. He is reading and is signing up for college courses. He is talking about driving. Your continuing quest to knock on doors and seek answers, when others have given in and quit, has changed my son’s life, and that is not an overstatement. He is now hopeful and optimistic. He is safer and life is easier for him. My wife and I cannot thank you enough.” 


    Our Story

    We at OrganicMD have put together a 52 week program to help you take control of your health.  This is a rich program that includes newsletters, Podcasts, regular blog posts, emails and even some personal phone consults with me and my partners. It is a very hard hitting very confrontational look at what it really takes to succeed as the master of your own health.  There are many people offering information about health. Most of these people have good intentions and aren’t dishonest people, but really are frankly, going to just waste your time.
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