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We forget that our bodies hold a variety of toxins at any given time. A little scary to think this happens, but you can do something about it.

Most challenging can be how heavy metals, such as lead, can stay in our bodies for years. Especially if we have regular exposure to these things. Over time the levels become harder for our body to process and chronic illness is soon to follow.

An effective treatment for this issue is chelation.

Chelation is a chemical term that describes the ability of certain complex molecules to bind metal ions. Chelation Therapy refers to the use of certain relatively non-toxic molecules to help bind and eliminate heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, uranium and other elements. As the body expels these molecules, it expels the toxins that attach themselves to them. The body can begin to truly let go of these substances so healing can begin.

There is extensive medical literature showing the science, effectiveness and safety of chelation therapies. I encourage you to research the literature if you want to know more about this approach. For the purpose of this post, we will look at more basic information rather than an in depth examination of the topic.

Let’s get started.

Early on, chelation therapy was mostly done using materials that were injected intravenously. This had some mild risks and was costly. The pioneering doctors who developed the techniques for IV chelation now have changed their ways, and only use materials that can be given orally. Since this is true, I generally see no need for IV chelation and only recommend the use of oral products.

Before a course of oral chelation products, we prepare the person by doing the Laser Energetic Detox procedure. This tends to make results much better when we start the chelation. Removing heavy metals can be hard on the body, especially if the toxins spent a long time in the person. Strengthening the persons basic health and working to make sure all of their drains are open allows for the treatment to work better and for them to feel resilient through it.

Which metals to treat first and which substances to use can be determined in a number of ways – starting with reviewing the clinical history. Aided by electrodermal screening techniques or other energetic testing this can provide and excellent place to start. Given the safety of the oral products, it is seldom necessary to do extensive lab testing.

Oral products include the volcanic clay Zeolite, chlorella, cilantro, seaweed extracts, EDTA, DMSA, DMPS and others. These products do not need to be taken daily, but often must be used for months or years to get the best results.

Most importantly, I tell people that we will determine the effectiveness of the treatment by how they do clinically. We look at how they respond to the treatments and how they feel. Do they feel a difference? Are the old symptoms beginning to shift in any way?

In the end I usually encourage them to use the thousands of dollars saved by using their clinical response (instead of lab tests to guide the therapy) to go on a nice vacation!

As always we talk of learning to Trust in Yourself. Our bodies are our guides in the process of healing, so begin to trust that instinct again. Getting heavy metals out of your system plays a big role in getting back to wellness.

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To Your Health.


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