Scars cause energy blocks

I know.

Scars = cool.

At a dinner party I attended the other day everyone showed off their scars from various accidents and life events. (A large portion came from working in the food industry -just fyi in case you’re looking to reduce overall scarring in your life).

So there is an “ooh – ahh” factor with scars. For some – scars play a role in their persona. For others – scars are best when gone. Especially if the scar causes discomfort or stress on your self-confidence. In a culture that focuses so much on image, having a scar can feel more of a burden than an asset.

Although numerous, the treatment for scars vary in effectiveness and safety. We use a treatment that is safe, simple, inexpensive and most importantly effective. I see people use this treatment with good – and at times surprising – success.

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Shrink Scars, Free up Your Energy, and even Pull Out Foreign Bodies

As understood in Eastern and Ayurvedic medicine, scars are barriers that can obstruct the free flow of bodily energy. Although the treatment we suggest is a more western method for detoxifying scars and freeing the energy flow, the Eastern view plays a part as well. This treatment can shrink even old scars, pulling out and allowing the release of foreign bodies that may be deposited during a traumatic injury, such as glass, wood or metal.

The body has a few ways to eliminate toxins and other materials. Most things go out through either the stool, urine and skin – or a combination. Here we’re going to focus on how to help clear toxins through the skin, especially around areas where there are scars.

Like all detoxification techniques, it is possible that you may feel a bit upset during a detox treatment. This often occurs because of the stirring-up of the stuck and deposited toxins in your body. When you do a treatment like this, you may find using some of the Detoxification and Drainage Remedies (see article on same) that we recommend helpful in clearing the stirred up toxins from your body. As always – follow the advice of your practitioner.

The instructions that follow call for you to drink a lot of water after each procedure, and to do the procedures in the morning to allow time in the day to drink that water. Please follow this instruction. Drinking water might not be your favorite thing to do – but I guarantee getting sick from the toxins will win in the “unpleasant feelings” competition. Buckle down and drink that water. Your body will thrive because of it.

Also important to note that the Institute of Medicine and the US Department of Agriculture clearly advocate drinking enough water each day. Very important. Check out Dietary Reference Intakes for Water, Potassium, Cloride and Sodium Sulfate by the National Academy of Sciences Press, 2005 for all the good research done on this subject. Their recommendations, by the way, are for the minimum recommendation. When detoxing, you need more to make sure your system gets cleared out.

Alright – I think I’ve made my point.

In addition to the water, we offer several other instructions designed to prevent you from feeling bad after the procedure. Follow the instructions carefully, especially the following points:

  • For long scars, treat no more than five inches of the scar on a given day.
  • If the scar covers a big area, like from a burn or significant abrasion, do this procedure only when under the care of a clinician familiar with the procedure.
  • Do not leave the clay on for more time than recommended.
  • Do not add extra ingredients, or substitute ingredients.
  • Again, drink a lot (at least 2 or 3 quarts of water) after each procedure.
  • Treat only one scar per day.

For the purpose of freeing energy flow, it is enough to treat each scar only once.

To shrink a scar, or help remove foreign bodies, you will need multiple applications over multiple days. Leave a week or more between each treatment. Stop when you see no more improvement.


1) First, make a list of all scars and tattoos. Don’t forget scars from episiotomy, perineal tears during birth, and circumcision scars. For long scars, divide the scar into segments no more than 5 inches long.

2) If the scar covers a large area, like from an old burn or abrasion, do this procedure only when under the care of a clinician who is familiar with the procedure. Treat midline scars or scars that cross the midline of the body first. Next, treat any scar that was from an infected wound. Then treat the rest, one day at a time.

3) You will treat only one scar or segment of a scar per day. Leave at least 25 hours between treatments. Leaving more than 25 hours between treatments is fine.

4) Make a mud from Bentonite Clay and the Cicatrix solution. You don’t need much.

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Mud Recipe: Mix all ingredients listed below together to make mud:

  • Cicatrix: 2-4 full droppers
  • Calcium Bentonite Clay: Enough to make a thin mud

Apply to scars one day at a time, following the order in the list of scars you created.

5) It is OK to skip days in between scar mud treatments if one’s schedule availability requires that.

6) Application: On each day a scar is treated, apply mud to scar and leave on for ten minutes, then wash off. Reapply to same scar and leave on for ten minutes, and wash off. Then, reapply mud to the same scar for a 3rd time and leave on for ten minutes and wash off. This process is usually sufficient to remove toxins bound in the scar. Occasionally it is necessary to repeat the treatment on some scars on a subsequent day.

7) If scars are large (longer than 5 inches), it is necessary to treat each 5″ segment on a separate day.

8) Drink plenty of pure water during the 6 to 12 hours after each scar mud treatment and if you feel badly consider taking extra doses of drainage remedies (such as Burbur Detox, Parsley Detox, etc.). Do not treat scars with mud near bedtime so that you have enough time to consume the recommended amount of water.

So that’s the protocol. Simple and fairly easy to do. It does take patience and being consistent with the treatment. And of course the water component. Give it a try and let us know how it works.

To your health.

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