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I’ve been using the full Better Eye Health Program eye protocol for about 15 years and believe strongly that it has contributed to my keeping a good quality of vision long after I was told that I would be blind. I’m still driving and reading, so I’m pretty pleased with that. My name is Raphaela, I live in Detroit, and I have both macular degeneration and RP.

Raphaela F.

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About Dr. Miller

Dr. Miller is a Board Certified physician, in a private practice of Integrative Medicine in Northern California. He began his medical career in Internal Medicine. In 1995, he left a high-tech specialty practice in Interventional Radiology to devote himself to a practice that looks for solutions that go to the root of a person's problems. He is nationally respected and trusted as a healer and teacher, and has helped many people that traditional medicine had given up on.

(Here is Dr. Miller with an ancient redwood tree.)
He has studied acupuncture with the Japanese Meiji College of acupuncture, with later study in Classical Five Element Acupuncture with JR and Judy Worsley.  There have been years of additional study with classical healers in West Africa.  Through these studies, and his study of the history of Western Medicine Dr. Miller has come to believe that the wisdom of the grandmothers about how to care for each other is the reason human beings have survived and thrived on this planet for thousands of years. He works to keep that knowledge alive today.

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