Grace Halloran is Amazing Grace

Grace Halloran, Ph.D.

Grace is indeed the “pioneer” in the alternative eye health care field and is known as such by leading health care professionals.  Diagnosed with Macular Degeneration and Retinitis Pigmentosa in the early 1970’s, Grace began a search for help in eye conditions that have traditionally been considered untreatable and incurable.  Grace’s motivation was strong back then to find an answer, because she was told that her infant son would be totally blind before he was a teenager.  Her program was the first to use the technology of microcurrent stimulation for the treatment of eye disease, and was remarkably successful.  When you hear of the miraculous successes people have had in recovering vision, it is her program you are hearing about.  Her son, now an adult with a career in the Air Force has keen and perfect vision.

Grace has taught her program in Europe, Iceland, Canada, Sweden and in Brazil.  She earned her Ph.D. from Columbia Pacific University in Holistic Health Science, and has written many articles published in magazines since the late 1970’s.  Grace’s book, Amazing Grace – Autobiography of a Survivor, was selected by the Easter Seal Society and the American Library Association as one of the best inspirational books on the market in 2001.

Grace has taught her Integrated Visual Healing Program to hundreds of individuals all over the world, including the previous Mayor of San Francisco.  While on a trip to present her work at a conference in Stockholm, Sweden in the spring of 1986, Grace was exposed to extensive radiation from the Chernobyl disaster.  Sick with acute radiation poisoning, she was hospitalized for many months, but pulled through, though her health never completely recovered.  Before her death in 2005 Grace helped many hundreds of people, and taught many other professionals to do her program.  Grace is loved and missed by all who knew her.

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