Where to find the best mineral supplements

Welcome to Part Five in a six part series on Why You Need Minerals.

Let’s make this simple.

For almost all our clients we recommend that they take a dedicated mineral supplement once a day, away from any other food or supplements. We use both humic and fulvic minerals, depending on our clients’ preference. The fulvic minerals can serve as both your mineral supplement and the minerals you add to your drinking water.

(Please see part 3 in the series, Serious About Your Health? Mineralize Your Food and Water Today)

All of the people I work with who have eye problems, and most other clients, take fulvic or humic minerals daily. Humic minerals can be obtained from peat bogs, but some of the best quality minerals are actually mined. These come from ancient peat bogs at the edge of ancient lakes that are now far below the surface of the earth.

The benefit?

They are not polluted with the contaminants and radioactive metals that contaminate everything on the surface of the modern Earth. The liquid humic and fulvic minerals are preferred to minerals obtained from shales, which were formed in ancient seas. The minerals from these ancient seas have much higher amounts of unwanted heavy metals, and are not chelated the way that the plant derived minerals in humus are.

The humic minerals contain both the soluble fractions found in the fulvic minerals, and the colloidal fractions. The colloidal fraction makes the humic minerals quite dark. This is unpleasant for some, though there is little taste. However this makes the humic minerals much more robust.

I am using minerals from a company called MorningStar, and I have been quite happy with their products. You can check them out through these links here:

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MorningStar Vitality Boost

An important thing to keep in mind is how we need to rethink our sources of minerals. Just because a food product states it includes minerals does not mean those minerals hold the best quality. Saying you got all your essential vitamins and minerals from that sugar cereal will not provide you much benefit. We want you to be able to sharpen your awareness so your choices support your wellness.

Sadly we cannot take for granted these essential elements of health. Finding the best sources of vitamins and minerals greatly impacts our attempts to support ourselves. It takes us many months before we feel a supplement worth recommending, because we want to assure its effectiveness. By looking closely at these issues you too can pull out the best sources.

Here are some places where you will not get the minerals you need:

  • Your food. Since the 1930s we have clear evidence that agricultural lands are depleted of minerals, and it’s only getting worse. Organically grown foods have a higher mineral content, but even they are deficient in minerals.
  • Combining. Supplements that combine vitamins and minerals into a single liquid, capsule or pill. The fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) combine with the minerals in ways that seriously reduce the amount of minerals available for you to absorb. People like the convenience of taking a single product, but Best Manufacturing Practices say mixing vitamins and minerals into one product is a poor practice.
  • Cheap minerals. For example, magnesium oxide is widely used as a source of magnesium. It is very cheap and very insoluble. It is likely that for every 100 mg of magnesium oxide you eat, only 2 mg will dissolve. The rest may irritate the bowel and cause loose stools, however it’s not going to do much to feed your need for magnesium.

So make sure to check out the two products we mentioned above. In addition to the liquid forms, the minerals are available as capsules. These contain the humid minerals in a freeze-dried form.

Taking minerals daily is one of the easiest, simplest and cheapest things you can do for your health. Why do we know this? Well we know it from the many people over the years sharing their experiences of the benefits. Simple and direct feedback.

Just try it and let us know what it does for you. Minerals present a very safe and effective approach. Your body needs them. It’s a win-win situation.

Give some minerals a try and share the results in the comments section. Also please remember to subscribe to be notified when we post articles.

Thank you as always. Have a great week.

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