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Welcome to Part Three of our series on Minerals.

Do you want absolute health? Well – require minerals in your diet immediately.

Hopefully, by now this message rings loud and clear.

Get those minerals going!

There are two very different (and very important) ways that you must include minerals in your life:

1) You need minerals in your diet to keep your body well-stocked with the right amount of minerals.

2) You need the proper type and amount of minerals in the water you drink to make the water useful to your body.

The world would be a wonderful place if we could get all of the minerals we need simply from the foods we eat. For most of us that are not possible. The land that our food grows in has become so depleted of minerals that then the food itself becomes depleted of minerals. This fact reported to Congress for the first time in the early 1930s revealed a situation that continues to worsen.

If you live in Hawaii and all of your food is grown on the side of a volcano, then there’s a chance that your food contains adequate minerals. For the rest of us, we likely need supplements. A conclusion made by the Department of Agriculture for decades. Despite this, the message seems lost to many of us.

Way #1: Separation is Key

You want your mineral supplements to be separate from any vitamin supplements you take. Minerals that are soluble and well absorbed are also quite reactive. When mineral supplements combine with vitamins, they generally react with the fat-soluble vitamins forming insoluble complexes. This means you neither digest nor absorb the minerals.

In an earlier article we talked about our favorite mineral brand (see here). We like minerals derived from humus. These minerals, which are well absorbed and very available to the human body, also present as quite clean and free of contaminants. (Check Mineralize Part Two out here)

Way #2: Your Water Needs Mineralizing Too.

Many practitioners understand the need for minerals as a supplement, but few understand how critical it is to have adequate minerals in the water we drink. Human beings evolved drinking water from artesian wells and flowing streams and rivers. These sources of water are heavily mineralized.

To understand the importance of having adequate minerals and water, you need to understand the crystalline nature of water, and how water behaves in a biological system like our body. Pure water, such as water purified by distillation or with reverse osmosis filtration, has some usefulness in the chemical laboratory. However not in the human body.

When water does not contain dissolved minerals, the molecules of water clump together in a crystalline structure. This structure can be as large as a grapefruit at times. These aggregates of water, held together by weak molecular forces, essentially become unavailable to the cells of our body. But, when you look at the crystalline structure of water that contains minerals in solution, the aggregates of water are much smaller. Because of this they become absorbed.

Clinically we see a body that appears very dehydrated, despite the fact that the person drinks adequate amounts of distilled water or water purified by reverse osmosis. Often neurological problems including muscle cramps, digestive problems, sleep problems, and even cardiac arrhythmias occur. We see many cases where someone installed a reverse osmosis water purification system in their home and within weeks developed clinical problems. This quickly resolved once they reintroduced minerals back into their water.

Most decent reverse osmosis water filtration systems include a re-mineralization module at the end of the cycle. But these expensive add-ons require maintenance and many people do not use them properly. Overall reverse osmosis filtration units are good in that they remove everything undesirable from the water. They are problematic in that they also remove everything useful from the water as well.

The easiest solution? Simply reintroduce minerals into the water after the filtration cycle. You’ll find many products on the market that claim to add magical properties to water – claiming to turn regular water into a remarkable healing substance. ALL of these products are simply minerals. Many of these products are ridiculously expensive.

We see great results using a product called Energy Boost. Just add 15 drops per quart of filtered water. The solution is ridiculously easy, simple and cheap – and the intelligent way to make your water smart. (Check out Energy Boost Here). Add it to your water for just six weeks and see what happens. You might be very pleasantly surprised. Just try it.

Next time in Part 4 of our series on minerals, we explore the role minerals play in the structure and function of the body. To do this we dig down to the level of the cells and their need for excellent minerals. Make sure to keep a look out for that soon.

Leave a comment and tell us about your own experiences with minerals. Do you purify your water? What system do you use? Share below so we can learn from your experiences. A community is important.

In the meantime have a great weekend! To Your Health.

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