Minerals have a big role in your wellness

Ready to talk minerals? We are.

This may be the most important post we write this year.

No pressure.

This is such a big topic we will need six articles to cover everything. The benefits that come from taking adequate amounts of a well absorbed mineral supplement could not be described in a single post. You might find this surprising now, but in a few weeks you will see my point completely. We forget just how vital a role minerals play in our wellness.

Our plan is to change that.

Getting mineral levels in your tissues back to a strong point is crucial. Not only do they boost overall energy, minerals make everything connected to your nervous system better. As a result:

  • Your brain works better.
  • Your eyes work better.
  • Your heart works better.
  • Your muscles work better.
  • You will and affect better.
  • Your sleep is better.

And this is just the beginning.

Our goal in this series of articles is to help you determine the level of minerals you need and how to get them. We do some specialized nutritional testing in our office and abnormalities in levels of essential minerals in the tissue are very common. We have over 80 years of data covering the inadequate levels of minerals in our foods, and it keeps getting worse. Everything we can do to counteract this issue becomes essential. Taking a well absorbed mineral supplement is easy, inexpensive, and the benefits appear quickly. We need them to regain balance.

In the articles to come we will discuss:

  • What feels better and what works better when you have enough minerals in your body.
  • The role minerals have in our body, and what goes wrong when you don’t have enough.
  • The two important yet very different conversations about minerals – (1) minerals as a food and (2) the minerals in our water.
  • Who says minerals are needed? The science behind this important health issue.
  • Where do you get minerals and how much do you take? (With some special notes about calcium and magnesium).

We hope that these articles give you a strong foundation to transform your health with plenty of excellent minerals. If you are about to start adding mineral supplements to your diet, we suggest first taking the Health Assessment Questionnaire. (CHECK IT OUT HERE). Take it before you start the supplements, then again in 6 weeks to help you determine if the supplements have added a benefit to your life. The Questionnaire is a great way to track shifts in your health before and after you remove an item or add something in.

So this is the plan. Over the next weeks expect to see plenty of good solid information on minerals and their beneficial presence in our lives. It’s not a subject we see covered all that much, so we hope this fills some of the gap.

In the meantime have a great weekend. Get plenty of rest. Eat well. Drink lots of water. Laugh. Sing. Dance.

As always – To Your Health.

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