Zinc Sulfate

A Do-It-Yourself test that is easy, simple and cheap to determine if you have a zinc deficiency, and therefore need additional zinc in your diet.

Quite simply, you take about 2 Tablespoons of the Aqueous Zinc Solution (must be a zinc sulfate solution) into your mouth and hold it. Then, rate your experience using the scale described below:

1. Very deficient: no specific taste sensation: tastes like plain water. This indicates a major deficiency of zinc requiring supplementation of >150 mg of zinc per day.
(Dr. Hans Nieper’s Professional Formulas Zinc Orotate, 60mg has worked best for us.)

2. Quite deficient: no immediate taste is noticed but, within the ten seconds of the test, a ‘dry’ or ‘metallic’ taste is experienced. This indicates a moderate deficiency requiring a supplement of 100 mg of zinc per day.

3. Slightly deficient: an immediate slight taste is noted, which increases with time over the ten second period. This indicates a deficiency of minor degree requiring supplementation of 50 mg per day.

4. Adequate: an immediate, strong and unpleasant taste is experienced. This indicates that no zinc deficiency exists. If this is the response to the first test done then obviously the diet already contains sufficient zinc and no supplement need be taken. A dose of 15-25 mg / day is usually sufficient to maintain adequate zinc status in people with only metabolic needs. Under stress or with toxin exposure, need for zinc can be 100-200 mg / day or more.

5. Take Quercetin Phytosome with the zinc to greatly increase cellular absorption. If you are only “slightly deficient”, requiring only 50mg per day of zinc supplement, take one Quercetin Phytosome per day. If you need a higher dosage of zinc, take two Quercetin Phytosome per day to improve absorption of the zinc.

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