Connection between your teeth and your organs

I don’t want to overuse a metaphor, but we are all put together in a single package, and all of the pieces are connected. Today, we want to introduce an idea that may be new to you, that your teeth are connected to the rest of your body, and problems in your teeth that are not cared for can show up as problems in your body very far from your mouth. Attached is a chart that shows some of these connections, as determined from an examination of thousands of people for many decades.

There are other systems that look at the connections between the whole body and a smaller piece of the body. In foot reflexology, the body is mapped to the soles of the feet. In Oriental Medicine, there are specialized systems of acupuncture that map the entire body to the scalp or to the ear (auricular acupuncture). Chiropractors map the whole body to the spine. You get the idea.

One issue that has been heavily discussed, and which is a source of some controversy for doctors and dentists concerns root canals. This is one of the few medical procedures where a decision is made to leave something dead in the body. When the pulp in a tooth is removed during a root canal procedure, all of the nerves and any meaningful blood supply is destroyed. In autopsy studies, and from studies where teeth with root canals are removed while the person is still alive show that these teeth are always colonized with a variety of microbes, and serve as a smoldering focus of infection in the body.

If you have teeth with root canals, look at the attached chart (below) and see if there are any problems in the organs and systems associated with these teeth.

If you sense there is a problem, we have a specially prepared toothpaste with homeopathic imprints that has helped many. If the problems are more severe, we use a Chinese herbal preparation that is applied regularly to the gums over the affected tooth. Neither of these is a cure, but it can often lead to sufficient healing to lessen any negative effects the tooth might be causing. The toothpaste is available from our office. Please use the Contact Page to order some.

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