Your Sky is Falling: Radiation is all around us – what YOU can do to stay Healthy.

Whether we like it or not, radiation is part of our daily life.

We kinda need the Sun – so I guess we’re stuck with those forms of radiation if we want to survive.

But what about the man made forms? Is there radiation protection?

That’s another matter altogether and one we explore in this week’s post.

We have for you Part One in a two part series about the Risks and Remedies for Exposure to Radioactive Isotopes. Dr. Miller presented a webinar to the Academy of Comprehensive and Integrative Medicine (ACIM) on this issue, offering insight into the reality of radiation exposure as well as ways to keep your health strong in such challenging times as these.

Radiation protection is possible.

For our advancements we must also see that consequences can arise from technology as well as benefits. Unfortunately the consequences often wear an invisible cloak and we realize too late their effect on us. Radiation fallout from thousands of miles away feels impossible, yet the research shows it not only possible but a reality.

We can do something however. We can protect ourselves and nourish our body so that the effects take less of a toll. To do this, we must take seriously the reality of this modern world. Wellness requires awareness.

Enjoy Part One. Part Two is coming at the end of the week.

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As always – To Your Health

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