Your Favorite Food Just Might Be Your Enemy: Our New Podcast

Favorite food my enemy?

That’s not fair. I might even say it’s cruel.

Sadly at Organic MD we see this over and over again. A person removes a food from their diet and their health problem improves. Often it’s a food they love, but improved health wins out.

As we get closer to the start of our Healthy Eating Workshop, it felt important to continue exploring the role of food on the status of our health. These days our sensitivity to foods is nothing short of a complex maze created by a multitude of factors. So much so that it becomes futile to try and figure out the “why” of a reaction. The first and best step is to start with the “what”.

Our podcast today looks at the subject of food sensitivity in a little more depth, so that we can support you making better choices. Check it out.

After you do – let us know in the comments a particular food you think might cause you problems. We want to hear from you!!!

Remember to leave your comment about our question and keep coming back.

To Your Health!

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