Yet Again Diet May Prove To Benefit Our Golden Years for the Better

Improve your diet, the end results will benefit you.

Something we say over and over here at Organic MD. We say it for a reason. We see it work in favor of people when they adjust their eating habits to foods more supportive for overall wellness.

Now it looks like researchers in Finland tracked the effects of diet and lifestyle on the progression of dementia. In a recent study published in The Lancet (Check it out here) they show what looks to be promising results in a study group receiving a better supportive diet and exercise choices. Although they still have much to follow up on, the study is encouraging.

We love hearing this kind of news, since prevention plays a crucial role to our long term wellness. We will eagerly await further results from their studies. The more we have studies like this, the better support we have regarding these simple interventions.

For the article talking more about this study, go HERE.

Seeing improvements because of your diet choices? Let us know in the comments below. Share your wisdom and benefit all.

As always – To Your Health.

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