Pears are often heavily sprayed with chemicals.

At the Heirloom Expo we met many different kinds of activists and visionaries. Each used different means to get their message across, which just shows that if the story is important enough it can be told many ways.

The interview we highlight here is with Susan Cann, a film producer and advocate for a healthier system of agriculture and food production. She spent a little time with us talking about two films Unacceptable Levels and A New Resistance, which she produced. As of February, 2022, the film can be found on YouTube at this LINK.  This is a powerful film about important topics effecting this generation and many generations to come.

We live in a world where awareness of environmental issues is the responsibility of everyone. When we all step up, then the use of harmful chemicals becomes harder to justify or get away with. We think these films help us to learn what we need to make better choices.

Check out the interview and let us know what you think. Watch the film

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