Vitamin C kills cancer cells

Our article today is brief, mainly to share with you a new study demonstrating the power of Vitamin C. In a recent study, researchers demonstrated that high doses of Vitamin C prove strongly effective at combating some types of cancer cells. This is extremely encouraging, since so many of the treatments available today are essentially additional poisons for your body to deal with.

You can download the report that was published in Science Magazine from the link below:

Science- Vitamin C Kills Colon Cancer Cells-Nov-2015

In the coming weeks we will talk about this study in more detail and explore how treatments such as Vitamin C work. In the meantime, sit back and look through the current research report. Bring a dictionary along, since it is a somewhat dense read.

If you have questions about, please leave a comment and we will address it in the follow-up articles. Have a great rest of your Thanksgiving Holiday, assuming of course you survived Black Friday.

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