Trends You Need To Know: The Dash Diet’s Quiet Rise To the Top

A couple weeks ago US News and World Reports released its annual Best Diet ranking. Although we do not take huge stock in reviews like this, we do find it interesting to see what is trending and considered at the forefront of things. Much to the surprise of many, the DASH diet came out front.

Sound unfamiliar? You are not alone.

DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It was created in the early 90’s by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a way to work with hypertension and prevent heart disease. Over the years it stuck around, demonstrating that the diet’s basic assumptions were good ones. Eat lots of veggies and fruit. Cut out fats – at least the unhealthy ones – and keep salt and sugar to a minimum.

For a detailed exploration of the DASH diet, check out this article from Yahoo News. (Click Here).

A main point of the article wonders at why you’ve likely never heard of this diet. They point to the fact that the DASH diet is rather boring. No flashy claims. No magical transformation in 3 weeks. Just good diet choices and patience.

Sound familiar?

If you regularly read our posts you might find a thread of common ground with the basic view of the DASH diet. Make diet and lifestyle changes. Wait for some changes to occur, which are likely. Then settle in to build on these changes over the long haul.

Not overly sexy, but definitely effective.

If you’re interested in the US News and World Report findings, here is the link to their final results. (US News Diet Results). The information and process they go through is worth being curious about. Check it out and let us know what you think.

These days the options for diets seem endless. Each scramble for bragging rights to be the “best”, which as you well know is very subjective. Whatever path you choose, remember to choose something that supports all aspects of your health. Find supportive food for your body and your mind.

Starting a diet in the new year? Tell us how it’s going! Your experience could help another. Leave a comment below.

As Always – To Your Health.

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