Syntonic phototherapy to heal eye dysfunctions

In our Better Eye Health program, multiple techniques are used in combination with each other to produce amazing results in the people that work through the program. Although alone these approaches prove somewhat effective, together they seem to boost each other in an way that increases their impact and restoring lost vision. Here we discuss Syntonic Phototherapy. We are deeply thankful for Grace Halloran, Ph.D., since she tirelessly worked to find these different modalities.

The story you are about to read is from Grace, and is told in her book Amazing Grace—Autobiography of a Survivor. The large-print book, Kindle eBook and Audible audio book are available. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

Color therapy, using a specially designed lamp, has been a part of the Better Eye Health program since the beginning. The color therapy was developed by Grace with help from the College of Syntonics in California, and has helped with restoring night vision, color perception, reducing problems with glare, reducing edema in the retina and clearing debris in the vitreous.

Grace had the inspiration for the color therapy in a most unexpected way. When her son was young, they would sit and read stories in the late afternoon when she got home after work. There was an aquarium in the west window, and the sun coming through the aquarium created a rainbow on the wall. They would sit in the colored light coming through the aquarium, and came to call these times the “Rainbow Reading Time”.

Grace noticed that sitting in the red part of the rainbow made her a bit uneasy and her son a bit fidgety. Sitting in the blue end of the rainbow felt better, and the blue-green area felt best. So, they would almost always sit in the part of the rainbow light that was blue-green, skootching across the floor as the sun moved to stay in that part of the rainbow light.

Now this may just sound like a cute story, but after some period of time Grace realized that her ability to see in low light had suddenly improved, seemingly for no reason. Poor ability to see in low light is pretty common with retinitis pigmentosa, and the change was striking and undeniable for Grace.

As she thought about what might have changed, the only thing she could come up with was the Rainbow Reading Time with her son. She pursued this idea with her scientific and open mind. She looked at other data regarding the effectiveness of color therapy and fashioned a way to utilize this powerful tool. The ultimate result is the color therapy program that is now offered as a part of the complete Better Eye Health Program.

See:  Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, Volume 28, Number 4, 2010, Syntonic Phototherapy, Wallace and Gottlieb.  This article describes the science. Contact us if you have trouble finding the article.

It is yet another reason why we feel the program has much to offer those facing degenerative eye disease. Our program is not a quick fix, nor does it rely on invasive procedures. In relies rather on methods that boost essential systems in your body to work better and push back against the degenerative illness.

How brilliant that Grace stumbled upon the power of a rainbow to help heal her eyes. That’s the type of safe and effective treatment the Better Eye Health Program is known for. If you want to learn more about the Better Eye Health Program, you can check out Stem Cells Heal Your Eyes. This is Dr. Miller’s book on the program and the history behind it.

The large-print book, Kindle eBook and Audible audio book are available. Order it HERE.

Amazing what keeping an open mind can bring your way. For Grace, it was a way to restore a challenged part of her vision. Who knows what it may bring for you. Our aspiration is your continued wellness and support.

To your (colorful) health.

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