Stem Cells Heal Your Eyes

Earlier this year we published the book Stem Cells Heal Your Eyes. It’s the first time we put down in writing the history and details of our Better Eye Health Program, so that people could understand this unique approach to healing degenerative eye disease.

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Grace Halloran, who developed the initial program, worked tirelessly for years to find ways to reverse the eye disease of herself, her son and her family. No small task given how much resistance, negativity and hopelessness she had thrown at her from doctors and others. What would the world be without those individuals willing to stare down adversity to help others? We feel blessed for her presence in this crazy world.

Our new podcast this week talks about the book and highlights some of the over-arching messages we hope come across in its pages. There is some confusion about the title, with people thinking we advocate stem cell injections. In fact, we propose an approach of supporting your body through diet and other means so that your own body creates more adult stem cells. That’s right. You have all you need right inside you. Injections don’t help you make life long beneficial change.

Each of us have an amazing system that creates Adult Stem Cells. These cells do all sorts of things, but mainly they help with healing the body when there is a trauma. They are quite amazing. When we eat well, reduce our stress, exercise and do other things to support our body then these cells become a powerful resource at stopping and reversing many kinds of illness.

The program we have through the Better Eye Health program consistently shows that we can achieve this healing. We can harness this incredible resource within us. Stem Cells Heal Your Eyes works through the various points of the program, provides research from the past thirty years and gives an easy to understand overview of Adult Stem Cells and their role in our lives.

So check out the podcast and learn more about our new book. Plus learn a few things about your Adult Stem Cells!

We’ve included an “enhanced” version and the MP3. Take your choice.


Leave a comment and get the book. Get it Here or go to It’s full of great information and most of all it’s full of hope. We certainly need as much of that as we can get these days.

To Your Health.

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