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  • Rice. Its Not Just for Filler Anymore – Our Interview with Koda Farms-Master Rice Growers
Koda Farms Rice is the best

When we think about rice, we might think of it as filler. Something to stuff in a burrito or to have with our cashew chicken dish.

Rice, however, can have a greater purpose.

Yes. Rice.

For three generations the Koda family took the growing of rice to a different level, creating a food that goes beyond filler into something essential for our wellbeing. They spent much hard work infusing their rice with rich powerful qualities, making their rice a key nutritional component to your meal. Their rice is some of the best we’ve ever tasted and we are not alone in this feeling. The rice clearly benefits from the level of care and attention that three generations of growers can bring to something.

Check out more at their site: www.kodafarms.com

Watch the interview and let us know your thoughts. Better yet go get some of their rice and tell what you think!

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