Gluten free products can have too many simple carbs to be healthy


Going gluten free feels like being in an adventure movie.

First you spend much of the time fighting off gluten treats at every turn. Bread. Cakes. Pretzels. Crackers. They leap out from nowhere, looking all tasty and delicious. You know deep down that all that gluten just mucks up your inner workings. More phlegm. More sleepiness. More gut.

That gluten knows how to be persistent though.

Sure you can find gluten free products out there. The challenge is finding good products. Many pose as bad of a problem as those with gluten. Often non-gluten foods trade gluten for simple carbs. So instead of packing your body with gluten, they pack your body with sugar.

Trading one evil for another.

Last week I did find some encouragement – a potential golden gluten free idol – that could make the adventure worth the trouble. (Thanks for going with the Indiana Jones references).

I read an article on a brand of gluten free products by the company Cup4Cup. Developed by Lisa Kwak, a former recipe development chef from the restaurant French Laundry, Cup4Cup strives to develop excellent gluten free alternatives for the general public.

Inspired by a customer brought to tears over French Laundry’s gluten free bread, Lisa decided to try her hand at developing a line of flours and other products that could easily be exchanged for regular flour in recipes. The name Cup4Cup suggests this simple equal substitution. She has plans for several different products, including some ready to eat options.

We plan here at Organic MD to explore Cup4Cup further and check out the quality of their products. The restaurant French Laundry presents a reliable source, so we feel hopeful. Again the challenge comes down to the use of different items, like rice flour and potato starch, which tend to produce other negative health effects.

However sometimes the issue occurs when we eat the same volume of gluten free products as we did the gluten ones. Ironically a one-to-one exchange in this case proves unhelpful. By doing this we simply provide a different food stressor for our body to manage.

Check out the article HERE, to learn more about the company and its origins.

In the meantime, we wish you luck adventuring in the land of gluten. Treat lightly. You don’t want any poisoned gluten darts hitting you in the neck.

They make you very sleepy.

Until next time – To Your Health.

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