Purify your water like you life depends on it

Not all water is created equal.

You might think the water coming from your tap to be relatively safe. Generally it is when it comes to microbes and other elements. The problem with some city water purification systems comes from the chemicals used to make that water safe. The use of chemicals, such as lye, pose serious issues to your health. Sure no microbes, but the chemicals do their own kind of damage.

Purification plays an important role in making sure that water is safe to drink. Thankfully the technology exists so you can avoid the use of harmful chemicals.

How you might ask?

By picking up one of the many water purification systems for home out there. Plenty to choose from and in our video today we talk about two of them. Although only one does filtration in addition to purification (the Berkey), both work well for a home emergency kit. Never hurts to be prepared.

Check out our new video below.

Interested in the Berkey Purification Filter? Pick one up HERE
          (We love our Berkey and the water tastes great!)

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How do you purify your water? We want to know. Leave a comment below and share your excellent wisdom.

As promised in the video, here is the specification sheet for the Berkey (Berkey Spec Sheet)

And as always – To Your Health

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