We love you Robin Williams

An hour ago I read an article about Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda closing her social media accounts due to the large number of negative images and responses she received these last days after the sudden death of her father.

Yes – that is correct – negative responses. Read it here: Zelda Williams

One individual reprimanded her for not having enough images of her father online. Apparently many others Photoshopped images of her father that upset and disturbed her. So she, in her great wisdom, shut her accounts down.

This is the newest in a series of stunning actions by those with access to the internet adding negative and harmful messages in regards to Robin Williams and his death from suicide. It reflects something crucially misaligned in our culture right now. Something that reflects the disconnect occurring in our communities, that somehow someone feels it’s alright to do such a thing and to harm another.

Zelda is not the only one to receive such treatment. People are bullied, attacked and harmed each day through social media and the internet. All because we can, so it would seem. Sadly this pulls and frays the fabric of community. It decays the bonds of humanity and respect. Regardless of your feelings about suicide, it is something that effects more of the population than we care to admit. As does depression.

Here at Organic MD we try to protect community. We try and support those trying to make a change when others would rather attack and put down those efforts. We know that death, no matter how it comes, can be devastating for those left behind. Suicide occurred in my family several times and I’m sure negative comments calling my loved one a “coward” would not have helped.

We can do better.

So let us be of service and support to any of you out there. You do not need to do it alone. Those that choose negativity and harm -well – they do not hold the path to sanity. You can be part of something else – something genuine.

Leave a comment. Ask a question. We’re listening.

To Your Health.

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