Oatmeal treatment for acne

At some point we all get them.


Dreaded. Gnarly. Embarrasing. Eruptive. Glaring.

Always at the worst times too. Job interview. First date. Innaugrial Address. Right on the tip of your nose. Those hard painful red ones glow brighter than Rudolph’s red nose I can tell you.

(Rudolph the Pimpled Reindeer just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.)

Ok. Point Made.

The age old question…what do I do to make all this acne go away? There are endless choices, most of which contain chemical feasts you might feel reluctant to put on your face. I mean, yea, fight fire with fire. I get that. But there must be an alternative.

In this post we offer a great treatment for acne that’s natural, inexpensive and works well. Plus you get to play with oatmeal and fire! That alone is worth the read.

A main component for this treatment uses an item called Moxa. Used in traditional Chinese medicine, Moxa generally is made of mugwort. The Moxa warms the applied regions and acupuncture points with the intention of increasing circulation through those points. This can induce a smoother flow of blood and qi and aid in the effectiveness of the treatment.

We find that the best Moxa does not have added scent or materials added – just the strait Moxa.

If you need some click the link to get through Amazon. Pure Moxa Rolls for Moxibustion

Ok. Below you will find instructions for the treatment. You can also check out our How-To Video (Click Here) in the companion post to this.

Acne treated with Moxa and Oatmeal:

  • Wash your face in a non-detergent (no sulfates, etc.) soap and water or cleansing agent.
  • Light the Moxa roll. Once the roll is red hot pass the roll back and forth across skin, inches away – ideally so that you feel the heat, and after a few minutes the skin will go pink with the flush of blood coming to the surface. Keep tapping the ash from the end of the roll. Spend minutes doing this until all the affected area is pinkened.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: properly extinguish the roll at the end of the treatment so as not to create a fire hazard. It is not possible to crush it out. It will only smolder and relight if crushed and put away. Also do not run under water. That tends to ruin the Moxa stick. It MUST be put into a proper stainless steel extinguisher, or a bowl of salt, rice or sand with the lit end of roll submerged into the salt, rice or sand. Leave overnight.
  • Use ALREADY PREPARED muslin bag of oatmeal. Purchase muslin by the meter or get already prepared bags. If you are not a keen sewer, just cut a square of muslin and put the oatmeal into the center of the square, gather the corners together and secure with a rubber-band.
  • OATMEAL: Any sort. Organic is obviously better. Rolled oats are not as likely to escape through seams. Put about a 4 oz cup of RAW oatmeal in the 4 inch square bag and seal with stitching or rubber band.
  • After doing the Moxa roll over the skin take bag of oatmeal and drench in tap water that is as hot as possible. Squeeze bag and knead so that the oatmeal solution oozes out. The bag is then rubbed over the face so that the solution creates a thin face mask. The oatmeal is now drawing the impurities from the heated/Moxa treated skin. The oatmeal also feeds the skin.
  • When done the bag can be put on a dish and into the refrigerator to be re-used for 3-4 days.

And that’s the treatment. Very simple and strait forward. You want to generally do this for about 14 days. Depending on the severity of your acne, you may need to repeat this process.

As always please let us know how your results. Often there might be suggestions we can offer to improve results or get to the bottom of what might actually be going on.

To your health and wellness!

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