Implantable wireless patient monitoring devices

To be clear, I like technology.

Our blog – heck much of what we do – relies on it completely. I also know that technology can greatly benefit those recovering from illness and other issues.

Very important. Just to be clear.

Today I came across an article that made me a little nervous though. A small medical technology project received funding from the National Science Foundation to support the creation of an antenna that can be placed in the body for “long-term patient monitoring.”

Although the initial purpose is connected to helping monitor implants such as pace makers and other devices, the feeling is that it could find broader applications. Certainly making these devices function better and provide more accurate data collection is a good thing. You want those devices working well.

Where I get a snidge nervous comes at the thought of people receiving implants to monitor them on a long term basis, especially since that monitoring will use ultra high frequency wireless signals. It just seems that we currently understand so little of the impact of all the other wireless signals bombarding us daily, that adding another seems unwise.

Plus I don’t want someone using me as their own personal wireless hotspot.

Obviously all of this is just developing. However often we see something small and insignificant suddenly become standard. Like Google.

Check out the article HERE.

What do you think about all of this? We would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment below.

As always – To Your Health

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