cdc patent on ebola

I’ve officially heard it all.

The CDC now has a patent on Ebola.

That’s right. The rights to one of the most unpleasant diseases on the planet. I wonder what the logo will look like?

I have no idea why, but the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) took out a patent on the Ebola virus. They are also currently expanding the patent to include new variants of the virus as they find them during this current outbreak.

Yes friends, the current laws that govern intellectual property allow you to claim the rights to something that you simply find. No invention needed. Come across it as part of your daily life and get that paperwork submitted!

I’m working on a patent for….Air. Or maybe Earth. I think Scabies might still be available.

You can view the patent here:

What I like on the document is up at the top it lists several people as the “Inventors.” Not sure I want to be considered the inventor of such a disease. Although maybe in the upper circles it’s the new sexy. You own a yacht, have a second home in Aspen and hold the patent for Typhoid.

Super sexy.

I guess where I feel stumped is why do they need the patent? What is the purpose? I don’t think an answer is forthcoming, but I can hope.

One thing I know for sure? They did not cover this in medical school.

Maybe Diphtheria is available.


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