microcurrent treatment increases ATP production

Have you heard of Microcurrent Stimulation therapy?

For the last 30 years Microcurrent Stimulation therapy has proved to be a powerful tool in the world of physical therapy. In 1985 Robert Becker, M.D. in the book The Body Electric (Get the Book Here) used micro current stimulation to regrow the limbs of rats.

Yes. Regrow limbs of rats.

Yes I’m leading with the more fantastical example just so you know what’s in store. Soon after the realm of sports medicine and physical therapy began to adopt this technology for use in speeding up healing and recovery time for those with muscle and tissue injuries. I remember my chiropractor in 1995 using microcurrent stimulation on my back as a aid when he did adjustments. Not only does it encourage blood flow, it also serves as a method for activating Adult Stem Cells. These are part of our natural system of healing, which these types of injures benefit from greatly.

Then about 20 years ago Grace Halloran realized that this amazing technology could improve the eye program she developed for degenerative eye diseases. The microcurrent stimulation helps the tissue of the eyes heal faster and speeds up the other techniques she brought together for the benefit of the eyes. We continue to use the Microstim 100i Le unit with great results in our Better Eye Health program. We are constantly impressed how this simple machine continues to make a difference with very challenging degenerative illnesses.

More recently I’ve heard of people exploring the use of microcurrent stimulation to aid in pain management for dental surgery and even Shingles. We can accomplish so much by simply being open to what is possible. Very inspiring.

Our podcast this week explores this proven technology and its potential role in your healing. We need ways to encourage our Adult Stem Cells and microcurrent stimulation is a great way to do it. Having used it so extensively, Dr. Miller is a great resource to speak about this important therapy.

As always you have a more “enhanced” podcast and then the audio version. Enjoy both if you like.

Ever used microcurrent stimulation therapy for an injury? We would love to hear your experience. Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section.

As always – To Your Health

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