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We’ve mentioned many times here that diet can play a powerful role in your health. Even something like diabetes can essentially disappear with changes in diet and lifestyle. This is hard for people to accept, but a recent study may help change peoples minds.


The study appeared in the journal Diabetes Care from March 21, 2016. One of the principal authors, Roy Taylor, has written extensively about the subject of this article. His earlier articles are listed in the references in the paper, so make sure to check those out.


Doctors have known for years that if diabetics lose weight, it is much easier to control their blood sugar. People who are diagnosed with pre-diabetes, with elevated fasting blood sugars and elevated insulin levels, can actually back themselves out of that diagnosis and become normal if they undertake a program of weight loss.


In the current study there was an examination of how long and how far this could go. What the study found was that people who were diagnosed as diabetic who lost weight on a calorie restricted diet, were able to become normal – glycemic or non-diabetic. More importantly, as long as they maintained the weight loss, they stayed that way. Put simply, they were diagnosed as diabetic, they lost weight and they were no longer diabetic. As long as they maintained the weight loss, they remained non-diabetic.


The average length of time that people had carried the diagnosis of diabetes in the study was 10 years, but there were some people who’d been diagnosed as diabetic for over 25 years who normalized their blood sugar after the weight loss.


This is amazing. Diabetes is not an un-curable condition and can be reversed. Understand, that the program of weight loss that these people did is not easy. But changing the way you eat and avoiding the diabetic complications of blindness, kidney failure, neuropathy and even limb loss are worth the work.


The entire study can be found HERE.


These are the kinds of studies we find very encouraging. It supports the successes we see happen every day. In the end it is about keeping open minds and seeing what is possible.


Just try it. To your health


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