Peeps flavored milk is weird

Peeps Flavored Milk.

I almost don’t need to say anything else at this point. Peeps Flavored Milk should basically convey everything quite well.

If Peeps are unfamiliar to you, check out the picture below. They are little sugary marshmellow treats that come out especially at Easter time. (Although they seem to appear all year long now). They take the form of little chicks. The egg/Easter reference being made quite clearly.

Peeps Flavored Milk


Adorable? Sure. Festive? Absolutely. Horrible for your health? You bet.

Want to drink milk flavored with the liquid form of these little treats? Not really.

I mean I’d drink it if it meant saving someone’s life. No problem there. Voluntarily? Sorry. Peeps Flavored Milk is about as bad as drinking the new Super Milk Coca Cola rolled out a few months ago.

Just wrong on so many levels.

What is as terrifying is the article from Yahoo about the Peeps Milk. Generally they like it. Mmmm. So tasty. Very scary.

In these moments I feel the Dark Side has won. When Peeps Flavored Milk gets a basic thumbs up, you know we’re in trouble. I just hope that people know how to say no, even if curiosity taps on their shoulder. We need to all learn to give products like this as much distance as possible.

I tremble to think what is next on the flavored milk manufacturing list. I will not guess at possible combinations on the off chance some milk product creator reads this and thinks its a great idea. Trying to avoid Skittles Flavored Milk in our future.

Check out the article and video HERE.

Is there a food product that scares you a little bit? Leave a comment and let us know.

Until then, have a great weekend.

To Your Health.

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