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  • Immune System Need a Boost? Just Sprinkle It On Your Next Meal! – An Interview with Floresta Botanicals
Immune booster from Floresta Botanicals

The Heirloom Expo rocked last week. Good food, great exhibits and tons of interviews with some very interesting people. Part of our mission was to hear from different voices that want our world to be a better place. More supportive. More access to good healthy food. More community collaboration.

A good vision for the world we think.

Our first interview focuses on Dana Gundling and her company Floresta Botanicals. She’s created several products that all focus on supporting our immune system and healing. Her main approach is finding ways to boost the food you already eat with immune building herbs.

One of her main products is a shake – no not the milky ice creamy kind – but a mix of herbs and spices you shake on your food. Not just any herbs though. The purpose of these herbs is to help support your immune system and keep you healthy. As Dr. Miller points out, in Chinese Medicine one of the best ways to get medicine is by adding it to your food. Dana simply draws from this ancient wisdom, providing us with a great product that is on our side.

These days we need all the help we can get.

Her website: www.florestabotanicals.com

She also speaks briefly about how she reversed Lyme Disease using natural remedies. Amazing.

So check out the video and let us know what you think.

Remember to leave a comment. Come on – we know you want to!

To Your Health.

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