Hungover? Don’t Worry. A Little Pedialyte and You’re Good To Go.

I truly thought I’d heard it all.

I realize the people of this world express themselves in many different ways. I realize that we do incredibly amazing things and plenty of completely moronic things. I try to visualize that the amazing things outweigh the moronic, but somedays I just feel defeated.

People can be very dumb.

Case in point. Today I read that a new and upcoming fad among serious partiers involves the chugging of Pedialyte when they have a hangover. For those unfamiliar with the product Pedialyte, it basically helps prevent dehydration and replace nutrients and electrolytes lost through vomiting and diarrhea in children.

That’s right – it’s a product for children.

When I worked with a pediatric palliative care team, many of the families I met with used Pedialyte. Since kids facing serious illness can struggle with getting enough nutrients, having something to balance their depleted systems plays an important role. I knew some families where that was one of the few things their child could actually tolerate in terms of food. When a kid with a devastating illness benefits from something that makes them feel a little better, you tend to feel thankful they have it available to them.

In a way Pedialyte functions similar to Gatorade. It replenishes the body when it is being drained, like when a kid has diarrhea for days because of their cancer treatment. Or when they can’t swallow solid food. You know, fairly serious stuff. It also helps babies and kids who are sick from a flu or other issue causing their systems to be depleted.

When I saw that now a third of Pedialyte’s sales comes from adults, it made me curious to know the reason. The answer did not impress. Hangovers, apparently, just can’t get a hold when you pound a couple bottles from that six pack of Pedialyte you’ve stashed in the garage just for that very thing.

Party on, Wayne.

The worst part? Abbott Laboratories feels excellent about this trend. In fact, a full body hug seems to be their reaction to this new hipster crowd of Pedialyters. Be prepared soon to see ad campaigns fashioned to this new demographic. Recently they gave samples out at music festivals and sporting events. They want to reach out to this great vibrant group of consumers. Their goal is to take on Gatorade and other sports drinks. They even have plans for a strawberry-lemonaide flavor.


Actually I wonder how long it will take to bring it to the next level and have Vodka Flavored Pedialyte. Two great things in one, right? Counteract the alcohol while you drink it. I mean sick children can’t hold a candle to the millions of drunk people likely to use Pedialyte after their next bender thanks to the savvy media campaign coming our way.

The campaign, by the way, is called “See the Lyte”. I include a sample add:






I realize that my words reveal my feelings about all of this without much filter. Kids in need tend to do that to me.

My question to Abbott – do you care at all about the world outside of making money? Sure we live in a world that bends over backwards for money. I understand. But can we also say no? Can we also say, “Wow that’s not what we intended. As a company that makes a product to support kids and parents, maybe we speak out and ask people to find something else for their late night binge drinking.”

Or we could throw out free samples to a drunken crowd at a major sporting event.

Yea, that seems a better path for sure.

CNBC quoted Bill Schmitz, a managing director at Deutsche Bank. “It would be pretty tough to find Pedialyte in the 7-Eleven…The Pedialyte demographic is the mom or dad looking for something handy in the medicine cabinet.”

Bill, I hate to tell you this, but finding Pedialyte at a 7-Eleven is possible. You can find it in most supermarkets. Walmart. CVS. Target. One heavy partier mentioned they stock pile it so they always have it on hand. Do not underestimate people. The guy who runs the 7-Eleven near me sells whatever will make him money. He sells 24inch square novelty Rice Krispy Treats because people occasionally buy them. Occasionally.

Just a matter of time, my friend, just a matter of time.

I bring all this up for a reason. Awareness. Companies do not always make great choices. Money sways many of us, and an untapped market you didn’t need to cultivate is a gift from the heavens. To let it float by without grabbing it often proves too difficult, especially when that market can then be cultivated for more money.

When we suggest being curious about things, like where your food comes from or the ingredients in a particular package, we suggest it because of this very reason. The company making the product may not have your best interest in mind. They may have money in mind. Your wellbeing then falls lower on the list of things concerning them.

It takes a little work to sharpen this awareness, but in the end the benefit outweighs the effort. From there find those companies who you can trust. Look for the best sources of food and other products you use every day. Once you have a rhythm for this, it becomes easier to know what to trust.

Your wellbeing will thank you for it.

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As always thank you for your time and support.

To Your Health.



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