hot lemon water recipe

My Grandma Florence started every day with what she called a ‘hot lemon toddy’.


Over the juice of ½ of a fresh organic lemon she’d pour some boiling water. As it cooled, she’d rub the peel over any rough skin on her hands, elbows and body. The lemon oil was moisturizing.


I never understood the value in her hot lemon toddy habit till I started my practice of integrative medicine. It seems lemon juice promotes the production of bile and acts to flush toxins from the cells of the liver.


Raw lemon juice can be a bit upsetting, but when you pour boiling water over it cooks it some. Cooked just enough by the boiling water to neutralize the upsetting qualities in the lemon, the lemon juice becomes a powerful remedy.


Some people worry that the lemon is acidic, and that the acidity will upset them. Any acid in the lemon juice is tiny compared with the quart of hydrochloric acid a healthy stomach makes each day. Also, the acid in lemons is acetic acid. This weak organic acid actually makes the body more alkaline, not more acidic.


If this seems a paradox don’t fret. It’s just how things work in a living system.



Use only organic lemons. One tablespoon of fresh squeezed juice per serving. You’re alkalinizing your body, helping your liver, and drinking something quite tasty. Try it morning and evening.


It’s amazing how simple this can be. Try it for a few weeks and see what happens. When you do make sure to leave a comment and tell us what you find.


In the meantime – To Your Health.


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