acid reflux drugs and dementia

Prevent dementiaDo you struggle with acid reflux to the point where you take medication for it? If so you may want to explore other options. The medication you take to provide you with relief may be at the cost of your mind.

A recent Reuters article explored a German research study looking at a possible connection between the use of gastric reflux drugs and an increase in the occurrence of dementia. The study looked at the records of 73,000 patients, aged 73 and older, from 2004 to 2011. In this group they designated those patients who regularly took Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI’s), such as Prevacid or Prilosec. PPI’s are generally prescribed to assist with gastric reflux and peptic ulcers.

They designated a group of 2,950 patients who took these medications for at least 18 months, considering them as long time users. They then tracked the rates of dementia in the entire study group and found that the PPI users were 44% more likely to develop dementia than non users. Although the study did not fully understand all the factors at play with the occurrence of these rates, it was clear that the issue needed further exploration.

One of the authors of the German study did share in the article that she knows of another research project which found 70% of the prescriptions for these medications were not actually appropriate for the person prescribed them. This raises concerns regarding overprescribing and perhaps not enough focus on changing lifestyle choices. We will certainly keep an eye out to see how this story develops and what other data is discovered.

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As you hear us say many times, we see people radically change their health concerns by making simple and direct changes to their diet and lifestyle. The default at times is to prescribe a medication, without addressing the root issues. It can take more work to make a lifestyle change, but in the long run we find it often serves overall health.

If you need help working through what those changes are for you, send us an email and we can talk further. Or you can leave a comment below.

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