Heirloom seeds from Kitizawa

It’s all about the seed.

If you grow food from seed not genetically modified and does not need tons of chemicals, you likely will get better, healthier food. The folks at Kitazawa Seed Company know all about this, drawing from thousands of years of how to create good clean seeds. The seeds provide nutritional food and in many cases excellent medicine. They shared that their Bitter Melon seeds are very popular with diabetics, who use it to become insulin free.

Their website: www.kitazawaseed.com

This approach to seed generation is all about giving you the control over what you plant and growing that food over and over. Much of the commercial seed these days is designed to be a closed loop. That way you need to come back again and again to buy more seed. Plus this seed is altered to have more yield but often that yield is less quality.

Open source seeds provide a different, and ultimately better, situation we all benefit from. Watch the video. Let us know your thoughts and make sure to subscribe!

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