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So junk food is ok?

Not exactly.

A Cornell University research study seems to be making quite a buzz today in the world of nutrition. According to a new study they found consumption of fast food, candy and soda had little impact on a person’s Body Mass Index (BMI) as did things like exercise and portion sizes. They surveyed Americans across the country and found that people with higher BMIs and lower BMIs ate the same amounts of these substances. What contributes to lower BMI is a lifestyle balanced with regular exercise and awareness of how much you eat of something.

However, it is misleading to say that these food items have no role in obesity, because they do. If your diet continues to inflame and aggravate your system, then your body remains in triage mode. Your body spends its time and energy trying to make use of nourishment with little value. Also we’re hard pressed to believe that high sugar, high fat and high salt foods play little role in obesity and health issues. Sorry if we don’t leap on that train.

Yet, as we tend to say here often: balance in our choices makes for better overall health. If your diet remains unhealthy and you add to it minimum exercise, exposure to toxins and other factors, then the chance of serious health issues increases. What the researchers seem to say in the quotes from the study are that we do a disservice to people by simply focusing on the bad foods. Numerous factors need to be addressed so that a balanced conversation occurs. You need to look at food choices, as well make sure you support your body with plenty of water, exercise, minerals and sleep.

The researchers did acknowledge that higher BMI individuals do tend to consume 50% more French Fries than other people in general. Given how many fast food meals come provided with a side of fries, it’s no wonder. They are a filler that tastes good and goes down fast. We have all lost many a fry resistance battle. You can often choose a side salad instead.

We know, it’s not the same.

You can check out an article about the study HERE from the Food Psychology site at Cornell University. The infographic from the article says it all. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC, ‘IS JUNK FOOD TO BLAME?”
For a downloadable PDF of the article CLICK HERE

The study was published in the journal Obesity Science and Practice. You can check that out HERE. In the meantime, eat plenty of greens, drink a glass of filtered water and take a good walk this weekend.

That’s the best combo meal of all.

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