Fantastic! No More Fire Retardant in Your Soda! Things are Looking Up.

brominated vegetable oil

brominated vegetable oilTime to celebrate.

No I mean it.

Time to cheer that one more toxin might just find a home where it belongs: in the garbage.

Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi announced they plan to phase out a particular substance from their beverage offerings: brominated vegetable oil.

I know you might be asking yourself, “Well that sounds fairly harmless!”.

On the surface sure, very harmless.

Brominated vegetable oil is patented as a fire retardant.

Yep. Not so harmless anymore.

I imagine professional fire eaters might be sad about this new turn of events, but the rest of us need to cheer. Now this does not mean sodas from these companies turn free and clear of gnarly ingredients, but change does seem to be occurring.

We can thank a perspicacious teenager from Mississippi named Sarah Kavanagh who started a petition campaign some time back. This petition, and building pressure from consumers, made an impact. Although the two companies claim that nothing harmful occurred, they do feel that having products with a more “natural” quality better in line with current marketing trends.

They plan to remove the substance from all products by the end of the year.

What we find most interesting is that in 1970 the FDA designated the substance with interim status, suggesting that more testing needed to occur.

Guess what status it holds today? Interim.

For 45 years this substance remained in use without further study. A substance given hesitant approval at best. A substance that both Japan and Europe refuse to include in their products.

The system at work, my friends. The system at work.

You might understand why we encourage everyone to read and understand the labels of foods they consume. A few months ago we mentioned a great resource for this and we offer it up again. The book Eat Safe, by Bill Statham, breaks down ingredients for you in an easy to use reference guide. It fits in your pocket for easy use, or you can have it in a Kindle version.

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This change shows the great potential with crowdfunding and online campaigns to make a difference. One teenager took it on and made a difference. You can too.

If you want to read more about this excellent turn of events, just check out the article HERE.

For those of you hoping to become impervious to fire, well I suggest stocking up on all your favorite Coke and Pepsi products now before it’s too late.

I let that dream go long ago and I’m happier for it.


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Enjoy your non flame retardant week.

To Your Health.


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