Embracing The Season Cycle: Reveal Your Buried Strengths This Winter

We move in cycles.

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Over and over since the beginning.

We are part of the natural world and these cycles. Easy to loose sight of this in our modern times. Although we benefit from technology, it also distances us from the movement of things. We keep our fast paced connected lives, pushing through the seasons and the changes around us. However if we stay in tune to these shifts, they help us keep balanced and nourished.

Our 2015 plan at Organic MD involves connecting our content more to the basic seasons of the year. In many parts of the world, healing is approached somewhat on what is going on around you in the greater environment. A physician takes into account the time of year and the energy of the natural world. They might adjust their treatment to this so that the treatment is more effective. Also the natural world might give clues as to the particular ailment or challenge the person struggles with, so it becomes a source of valuable information.

In keeping with this, our posts in 2015 will follow that basic progression throughout the year. Our intention is to pick topics that reflect a certain energy or quality to nourish, that roots itself in the general season. If you follow along with us, then plan to build on the steps you take each month to better wellness and personal awesomeness.

The Winter Cycle

We touched on this some in our article Despite Craving Hibernating Solitude, You Can Reflect on Joy, Community and a Healing Year Ahead a few weeks ago, but as you might expect the Winter Cycle is one of hibernation. The short days, chill in the air and retreat of many animals tells us to pull in our energy. To gather and reflect. To snuggle into our burroughs and munch on our collected acorns.

It’s generally not a time to plant seeds in the ground.

However, even now in the middle of this cycle the shift begins towards spring. The shortest day of the year now past, slowly our days fill with more light. Soon we “spring forward” with Daylight Savings, making that early morning rise to work occur less in the dark. Nothing stays the same. Everything is in flux.

It is here we embark on a year long plan to improve your health and wellbeing. We start slow. We assess where things are in this moment. Am I well? Do I feel strong? Am I recovering still from the holiday madness and Super Bowl Sunday hot wings? How is my energy?

Now is the time to take stock and get the gears moving. In some traditions Winter connects to the element of Water. Water symbolizes expression of emotion, flowing through us as we move through our world. Water stands for essence, as over 75% of our body is water. We look within. How do we support ourselves? Are we resting enough? Do we grieve? Do we laugh? Do we let go of things that worry us?

All of this gets us on the path of healing for the new year. It sets a frame of mind, so that as the seeds of spring start taking root they have rich soil to take hold in. In the US, reflection is not always our strong suit. Our default is to push forward, relegating our reflective spirit to the sidelines.

One might say this reflection is met with apprehension. If I pause to reflect, somehow my emotions will overwhelm me. Rarely does this occur, especially if our habit is to acknowledge them regularly. Be careful underestimating the impact of our emotional health on our daily lives. We see this regularly. Someone struggles with a health issue and as they share about their life it’s clear the core challenge is emotional. Until they address that imbalance, they cannot relieve the other symptoms.

The point about essence is important as well. What do I put into my body? How do I choose what food to eat? Do I read labels? Do I understand them? Am I drinking enough water? Simple questions of diet effect the quality of that essence. If we nourish ourselves, then the inner well we draw from becomes potent. The adage “you are what you eat” comes into play directly. We plan to offer many suggestions to help you make the best choices possible.

The Weeks Ahead

The next few weeks we will explore additives in food and what you can do to detect them. Being a savvy shopper means knowing how to decipher the complex chemicals added to foods and other products. These are slippery little beasts, so being skilled in how to grab hold of them serves your health well. By training this evaluative muscle, you take hold of your diet proactively so that you control how the food you eat effects you.

In addition to this, expect an investigation into water and its role in your overall health plan. Getting the right amounts of quality water each day proves as important as the food you eat. Important too is knowing what additives find their way into your water. It’s scary what you find, so being aware helps to get those toxins out of your life.

Lastly, as suggested above, expect to see emotional health explored in depth. We know. Why torture you with such pesky explorations? Because the world needs you well in all ways. It needs you balanced and clear, allowing the best of you to show through. It needs less violence and cruelty, so much of which seems to step from unexpressed trauma and emotional baggage. Balancing these things benefits you, your family, your community – in a word – everyone.

We take these steps with you, as 2015 gets underway. One month down. A few more to go. Anything is possible.

And as always – To Your Health.

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