Clear Your Pantry of Gnarly Things, So Your Wellbeing Can Soar

In a recent article in Men’s Fitness, they suggest 10 foods to banish from the Kingdom of Your Wellness. Actually they do not use the word Kingdom – all our doing there. But the metaphor brings to mind a good visual.

We could look at ourselves as a kingdom that we rule over. The choices we make greatly effect how that kingdom does. Will it thrive? Will the inhabitants be content? Or through mistreatment will the land wither?

We control much of this outcome. If we make poor choices, then over time our kingdom takes the brunt of it. This is why you could be banished for causing trouble in the Realm.

Seems like a good idea. Send that food or habit packing before the damage becomes permanent.

The list of 10 does not overly surprise: Processed meats, Margarine, Sugary Cereals, Fast Food Burgers, Donuts, Microwave Popcorn, Toaster Pastries, Blended Coffee Drinks, Bagels and Soda.

This list seems to fill the “well yea!” part of our response. All of these clearly seem bad for us in many ways. Right? Why would we go anywhere near these things? Right? I imagine just speaking their names out load causes your body to weep and cry out “stop!”. At least we hope so.

Obviously this is not as easy as it sounds, otherwise these foods would not still be around.

The trouble of course comes when we eat those things. They fill a craving. At times they help block a difficult emotion we experience – food after all serves as a great comforter. Or in many cases, their very design works on our brain in a way that makes them hard to resist. These foods are engineered to mess with our taste centers, and when they do – we end up wanting more and more.

This reflects the whole Fat, Salt, Sugar choke hold. When it grabs us, it can be hard to shake.

The nice thing with this list? It contains 10 big time troublemakers. If the banishment starts somewhere, might as well be with them. Show them the door and make sure the exile is long.

To read more of the article just check it out Here.

What do you think? If you eat these foods regularly, could you give them up? What happens if you do? It might change your life. You might lose weight. You might feel better. You might avoid some very unpleasant illnesses later in life. Seems worth the try for sure.

Try two months off all of the list above. You might already be doing this. Cheers to you for making the change. But if not, give it a try. You might be seriously amazed the changes that occur.

Of the 10, Bagels prove the hardest to shake off for us here at Organic MD. However, we just wrote an excellent decree asking bagels to go live out in the hinterlands.

Don’t worry, they have plenty of friends to keep them company out there.

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know which of these foods you struggle with. Your insights can benefit everyone.

As always – To Your Health

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