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Over the last 20 years, part of my work has focused on helping people reverse their degenerative eye diseases. These diseases cause great disruption, often leaving those with these diseases feeling helpless and alone. When I met Grace Halloran, PhD I knew that there was a chance to make a difference. This spark of possibility planted the seed for the Better Eye Health Program.

Can the Better Eye Health Program Heal Your Eye Disease?

Yes, because your body can heal anything. And the Better Eye Health Program supports your body so it has what it needs to heal your eyes so you can see again.

Let me explain.

The Better Eye Health Program supports all of the different types of degenerative eye disease, including macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, Stargardt and diabetic retinopathy. We’ll use macular degeneration, the most common of all of these problems for our example.

The most basic fact about the effectiveness of the Better Eye Health Program comes from the improvements in vision experienced by the thousands of people who have used this program. (If you don’t know what the Better Eye Health Program includes, please read the book Stem Cells Heal Your Eyes–The Injection Free Way to Support Your Adult Stem Cells So You Can Heal Your Eyes Today. It explains the program and its origins, the science behind the program, and the outcomes we have seen in our clients. Available as a large-print book, an eBook and as an Audible audio book.

Almost 90% of the people who do the full program experience significant improvement in their vision. In the data we carefully gathered in the First 120 people we treated, people with the wet form of macular degeneration actually showed more improvement than those with dry macular degeneration. (See the data here).

Consider this: macular degeneration (and all of the other degenerative eye diseases) are familial. If you have macular degeneration, you have an abnormal gene that has made you vulnerable to this disease. But many people have this gene and never get the disease, they never lose vision. And you or your loved one had this gene for years before you started having problems with your eyes.

How is this possible?

During all those years of good and normal vision your abnormal gene was kept quiet, and whatever degeneration was occurring, your body was repairing it as fast as it happened. The forces of regeneration were stronger than the forces of degeneration.

The Better Eye Health Program simply supports the health of your systems of regeneration, including your adult stem cell system, which is capable of repairing and renewing even the complex vision cells in your eye.

We know this is true, because we’ve seen this program help thousands of people. People who have real, measurable improvements in their vision. People who get their driver’s licenses back, who can golf again, read again, see faces again, play bridge again, and on and on.

Interested? Get the book Stem Cells Heal Your Eyes–The Injection Free Way to Support Your Adult Stem Cells So You Can Heal Your Eyes Today.

Click Here to get the book as a Kindle eBook or an Audible audio book.

Read the book and do the program it describes.

Don’t wait till you’ve lost even more vision.

Do it today. Your eyes will thank you. Your family will thank you. Your golf buddies will thank you, and your bridge club will thank you.

Please contact us for more information or CHECK OUT THIS PAGE on the program.

To Your Health.

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