Back off and Leave Lemons Alone! Pick on Something Actually Causing Harm.

A few days ago I ranted about the ongoing hoops alternative approaches to wellness seem required to leap through for validation.

A pet peeve I realize, but important to speak out.

Then the other day I read a post challenging the value of hot lemon water.


(Sorry for the use of capitals and exclamation points)

What drives me batty comes down to this habit in the media to make a good thing potentially dangerous. The article basically praises hot lemon water with backup from doctors stating it is an excellent practice for your health.

A point we’ve made a few times here at Organic MD.

Then it proceeds to point out a host of warnings from a dentist. One dentist. His concern focuses on you forever harming your teeth by drinking this beneficial substance. Why? Lemon juice may increase your risk of removing enamel from your teeth over time.

At this moment in the article I felt like pulling my hair out in frustration. Luckily my short hair saved the day.

Let’s get something clear. Pretty much everything, in large amounts, can be harmful. Heck, too much oxygen can harm you.

Half a lemon added to 8 oz of hot water once a day (which you can cool before drinking) falls into the reasonably small impact category of my health choices. Even drinking twice that amount seems low impact. Drink a glass of water after (you need water after all) and the issue lessens even more.

Given the high volume of soda and other damaging beverages we consume everyday, I think lemon water poses little threat. Calling it out and questioning its validity verges on madness.

The title of the article, “Lemon Water For Digestion: Legit Or Quit?” feels slippery – especially when the gist of it basically supports using lemon water. Having the last third be one dentist throw cautions and warnings made me wonder about the true intention of the author. Make a good thing seem dangerous to get my article read.

Thanks for nothing.

It might be cleaver, but at the same time ends up being irresponsible. It does not encourage common sense. It scares people into worrying that their actions for their health damages their teeth.

Not cool.

It stirs the earlier issue this week of attacking time tested healthy methods with fear and required scientific proof. I can only hope that it does not turn away someone from a very safe and beneficial technique that’s easy to do.

When we wrote about lemon water several months ago, we received an inspiring response. Readers shared how they used hot lemon water everyday because they learned it from their grandparents.

That’s right – at least two generations of handed down wisdom still working well. They experienced benefits of this approach. Issue with teeth did not come up at all.

We live in a time when simple, safe support for our health is vital. Perhaps I feel protective of these things. We need all the good, safe help we can get frankly. I don’t suggest doing something blindly, but we also need fear to be used sparingly.

Want to pick on something harmful? Try any one of the currently used pharmaceuticals that spend half of the commercial warning you of all the horrid side effects you might experience. Protect me from those things, and leave lemon water alone.

Strive to make the world a better place, not a more fearful one.

If you like, check out the article HERE.

We would love your comments and thoughts. You hold the wisdom and experience of doing these techniques for yourselves. Sharing it benefits us all.

Until next time. To Your Health.

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