Inspirational quotes for the entire year.

Normally the cards we get for the holidays are just that – holiday cards. Once January rolls around, they lose some of their relevance and end up in a drawer somewhere. Just a reality if your purpose in life is as a holiday card.

Here at Organic MD we wondered what it might be like to have cards out on display all year round. We started thinking about this and soon we were putting quotes we like about wellness on images we like.

Here are a few of them:

Life is Love




I got us thinking. Let’s do a whole bunch of these! Good quotes. Nice images. Some inspiration for the new year. Seemed like a no-brainer.

We share these with you. Send them to friends and family. Keep them on your desktop. Print them out. The hope is to remind you that much is possible and that believing in yourself essential. You can be healthy and well. You can have joy and peace. You hold the wisdom of your healing.

Seems like a good way to start 2015 right?

Avoid Sickness and Prolong Life

To Your Health.

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