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Faith plays a role in our lives. It certainly can be a heated subject, but regardless faith plays a role. For many their community of support comes from their faith. Faith communities provide resources, encouragement and a place to get inspiration. They can also be a place of refuge in challenging times.

This is why we searched out a particular group to interview a couple weeks ago at the National Heirloom Expo. Our new interview is with Jess Peterson from the Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative. She shares about the work of their organization, which focuses on supporting faith leaders to engage their communities around healthy food and sustainable agriculture. They teach workshops on how to grow chemical free foods and how to encourage their communities to make better choices about their health.

More importantly they give grants to those in need to get access to good healthy food for their families. This is a big issue, as the range of foods available for a family struggling financially can be limited. If they are drawing from donated food the choice might be good and the choice might not be as healthy. With grants like this a family gets support towards access to different food choices, especially if there is education around nutrition and healthy eating.

Many faiths understand that how we care for the world and our communities is key for our being here for a long time to come. So we appreciate the work this group does.

Their website:

The topics they tackle are good ones and we appreciate the willingness to engage faith communities in this way. So check out the interview and let us know your thoughts.

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