Last week I talked about the Better Eye Health Program. As a follow up to that, I wanted to highlight the impact one particular group of 120 patients had on the program. In fact if we had not seen the results we saw all those years ago, we might not be talking about the program today. However, they showed us that not only did the program work, but it brought hope and sight back to people who felt all was lost.

The PDF document included with this article (see the link down this page) presents the amazing data from these first 120 people. We treated them in our office with microcurrent stimulation, supplements, acupressure and acupuncture, color therapy and eye health exercises. The charts at the end of the document show the successes we had with these simple procedures. People had a variety of different retinal diseases, including wet and dry macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, Stargardt disease and the rare condition x-linked retinoschisis.

For all of the people who participated, and for all of the diagnoses, we saw that 85-91% had significant improvement in their vision.

For us to count a person’s improvement as significant, they needed to see at least two lines further down on a standard eye chart. A significant number of people saw four or more lines further down. We were also measuring field of vision, color vision and contrast vision. All of these improved as well, but the improvements of acuity are more understood and accepted as a measure of success for a program like this.

Almost 9 out of 10 people improved to the point where they could read two lines further down on an eye chart. For many people, this is the difference between being able to pass your eye exam or losing your driver’s license. Understand that the diseases we are discussing here are not supposed to ever show improvement, so we feel these results are meaningful.

The diagrams in the attached PDF file (click on the link down the page) give more detail for the results seen in the different types of eye disease we worked with. As I mentioned, these results gave us the confidence to continue with the work. Today we have helped many more than 120 regain their eyesight. We feel deeply thankful that these first patients paved the way.

To see the results just click HERE.

If you have questions about the data, please contact us and we can try and answer your questions. In the meantime we trust they inspire you to try the program yourself, or suggest it for a loved one. Join those first 120 people in taking back your life, and your hope.

To Your Health.

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