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What’s in a name? Or logo for that matter?

Glad you asked.

Over the last couple of years we’ve received a few questions about the meaning of our logo. Although the idea is elemental, it does also reflect some of the core values we hold as important to our work. As the new year gets underway we figured it might be time to speak to the message behind the image.

Why? Well message is important. Every day we look at the logo as we create our posts, search for interesting research and try to respond to your questions. It reminds us of our mission. It inspires us.

Plus it’s nice to look at.

Below are 10 of the main meanings of our Organic MD logo. The logo took a long time to get a balance we liked. Deep thanks to talented designers. The meanings/messages at the core:

1) Do No Harm.

2) Safe Medicine.

3) All things connected in Heaven and Earth – with beings in between.

4) All things represented.

5) Five basic elements: Fire (Red), Water (Blue), Mineral (White), Nature (Green) and Earth (Yellow). Around the world there are many cultural versions of what constitutes the basic elements. For us, these five reflect it the best.

6) In the circle Earth touches all the others.

7) More water than fire. A good idea with the earth three-quarters water, while a match in the corner can be enough to burn down the house.

8) Remembering the natural laws because we are part of the natural world. We forget that things fall apart. Since nature is the textbook, go into nature and observe. You will see all there is to know and all you need to know.

9) The natural laws that govern the cosmos, govern the Earth and govern us. Learn the laws and follow them with your heart.

10) Do No Harm. (It’s a good one to repeat)

As we create and explore, the logo reminds us to stay as balanced as possible. It encourages us to look at issues from different outlooks and perspectives. It’s easy sometimes to get stuck in a particular point of view about a subject. Our logo helps us to get unstuck.

As we venture into 2015, expect to hear more about the aspects of the logo. Each element on its own holds valuable wisdom and we will share what we can to support you on your path to wellness.

In the meantime – To Your Health.

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