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Hot lemon water benefits

A few weeks ago we shared a simple recipe for Hot Lemon Water. It’s about the easiest thing to do and boy is it good for you.

We quickly became amazed at the response to the post, especially on Facebook. (Yes we have a Facebook page).

Several people shared that hot lemon water was a long time staple in their lives, some having even grown up with it. This reassured us that this valuable wisdom does continue to be shared generation to generation. If it’s good and it works, we should keep it.

Our newest podcast explores the wonders of lemon juice a bit more with an exploration of acidic and alkaline foods and how to get the right ones into your body. This process can be counter-intuitive, so understanding the process helps for sure.

We’ve included the Enhanced Podcast version (has some visuals) and the strait audio version. Take your pick of both if you like. Then leave a comment and let us know your thoughts. Enjoy.

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As always remember to leave a comment, ask a question and let us know your thoughts.

To Your Health.

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