We Love Food, Except When It Makes Us Sick – Our New Podcast

Food Glorious Food.

Except when it makes you feel crumby.

In case you’ve noticed, the topic of food sensitivities is a juicy one for us. Why do we keep coming back to this subject? Well mainly because food plays such a crucial role in our health and wellness. The more we address the nuances of this issue, the more resources we give you to find balance in your health. This is a life long pursuit and worth every minute.

In our new podcast we delve into the subject of food sensitivities and how to take hold of them. Sometimes the best skill is one of awareness. Your body can give you excellent information about the foods your are sensitive to if you pay attention. That’s the key though – paying attention.

Recently I did a juice cleanse for three days. Hard work but worth it. For about three weeks before I cut out wheat, dairy and coffee. A couple days after the cleanse I had some toast with a meal and it took me the rest of the day to recover from it. I knew gluten could be an issue for me but now I really see it. Time away from it, plus the extra cleanse, gave me a chance to clear my system. Going back to wheat I received quick feedback and from there I could choose to stay away from gluten in the future.

It’s a process but the point is it can’t change if I’m not willing to try something different.

Our podcast this week looks further into this issue, building on some of the posts from the past few months. Our intention is to keep digging deeper and share insights with you. As always we include a more “enhanced” version of the podcast – more like a video – and a downloadable MP3. Soak it in however you like.





We would love to hear your comments and insights from your experiences with making food choices.

As always – To Your Health.

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