Reversing autoimmunity

The last couple months at OrganicMD we’ve concerned ourselves with autoimmune diseases. The subject is complex for sure, but it effects a large portion of the population. This is partly due to the level of toxins and other stresses that constantly bombard us on a regular basis. Over time our body struggles to fight back, eventually breaking down.

Since we see this so frequently we feel it’s important to keep exploring more facets of this important issue. Dr. Miller covered some of this in his articles addressing the Five Factors. (Click here to check these out).

Our podcast this week goes back over these and provides some insight from Dr. Miller about the issue as a whole. The more we dig into autoimmune issues, the more we find. If you are working to heal from autoimmune issues, your best bet is to be diligent about the Five Factors and learn what you can about what might be effecting you. There is hope.

You will find an enhanced podcast (like a video) and an MP3 download. Enjoy both.

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