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Treatment of Sports Injuries with Microcurrent Stimulation

canstockphoto10164972Acute and chronic injuries of the joints, tendons or muscles result in significant inflammation and often a great deal of swelling in the area involved. Pain is also a significant problem. The inflammation and swelling that accompany any injury interferes with the body’s ability to heal these tissues. When you see your regular physician with injuries such as this, the first line of treatment is often anti-inflammatory medications and ice.

The use of microcurrent stimulation to treat injuries affects the tissues at the cellular level. It improves metabolism and often quite a dramatic decrease in the amount of inflammation following treatments. Treatments must often be done daily or twice daily for the best effect in the first few days following the injury. With the improvement in cellular function, there is usually a tremendous decrease in the amount of swelling and pain. The use of anti-inflammatory medications and ice often accompanies treatment with micro current stimulation. These help to bring the maximum relief, though some practitioners avoid the anti-inflammatory drugs  so as to avoid some of the negative side effects these drugs bring.

The tremendous advances in the technology of micro current stimulation means that the technology improves year by year. It is prudent to make sure that your practitioner is using the latest generation of machines. Not all machines that provide electrical stimulation for medical use are equal. We can recommend the machines we find the best. Please contact us and we will follow up with you.