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The following suggestions are not to be added to an existing supplemental program.  Contact the office for help with integrating this protocol with your other supplements. If you have any questions, please call us.

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Basic Therapeutic Protocol for Macular Dystrophies (ARMD, RP, etc)

Lutein, Source from Flora-Glo2 or 3 daily, preferably away from food. Lutein serves to help rebuild retinal and eye tissue.

Colloidal Minerals ‑  Take on empty stomach with large glass of liquid a minimum of 15 minutes before eating.  Best to take before breakfast.

Colloidal VitaminsTake with food, once a day, best taken with breakfast.

SuperDHA  500mg to 1500mg daily, can be taken with meals.

JarroDophilus ‑  take as directed on label.

Taurine ‑  500 mg before bed. Taurine is an amino acid that completes a protein that is essential for retinal repair and regeneration. Repair cycle is done during rest or sleep cycle.

Stem Enhance – Two to six tablets per day.  Take one-half of your daily dose 45-90 minutes before doing your Microcurrent Stimulation treatment.

Note: There may be other supplements that are helpful and these should be determined by individual evaluation.  We carry these products at the EYE Store and you can get prices and additional information by calling: 888 838-3937

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